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"Why Won't That Stupid Bitch Quit?" watch

Obviously, tonight's PA primary results are a tremendous win for Obama, who was able to hold Hillary's margin of victory well under 20%, while outspending her by a mere 2 to 1 (I’m not sure whether that figure includes the DVD mailers or not, though). Now that Hillary can finally do so with dignity, she should quit, for the sake of party unity and Donna Brazile's future employment prospects.

Oh, and speaking of single digits:















Lord Kos.









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Submitted by jawbone on

from as many donors as possible.

I went when she said it.

Jack Welch's boiz are saying she's too negative, seemed put out that she asked for money to continue. Huh?

Tom Brokaw--41% not honest and trustworthy--she can't lower it, he says. Will give SD's and everyone in the Dem Party pause.

KO--Is there a Bull Moose party waiting to happen? WTF, Keith?

Tim thinks no breakaway party, but will become more bitter than ever. She will use and say and do the things she things necessary to win. Can Obama avoid tit for tat, getting down in the politics....


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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

You know, I have kept my pledge but I think I might as well make it a recurring donation cuz we're going to hear A LOT of that in the weeks to come.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

Why won't that stupid Barack quit?

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

neither happy nor hopeful... he actually looks pissed. (I don't know what he's saying, I have muted my TV).

Submitted by lambert on

Where have we seen that before?

He's just not ready. I'll vote for him in 2016 if he does something as a Senator.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I would like to divide this country for political gain. You know, things like universal healthcare and fighting global warming. But thanks for the offer of a unity pony, anyway.

Wait, now you just promised to fight for me? I'm confused. Will you unify or will you fight?

And I love how despite the fact you are already complaining about how Hillary took the low road to victory, only one candidate went negative tonight and that wasn't polarizing HIllary Clinton.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

is still available.

From that spot he can let Hillary teach him what he needs to know.

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by trishb on

I'm trying to donate, but first I couldn't get to the site, now the donation won't go through. This could be a good thing. I just wish it could've been more.

My teeny tiny donations have slacked lately and I hate it. In the last month and a half, about 20% of my yearly take home has gone out the door due to unexpected expenses, including medical bills.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

myiq2xu says:

Obama loses by double-digits in another big battleground state and that’s a “win?”

McGovern – Mondale – Dukakis – Obama

The few, the lame, the losers

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

Submitted by lambert on

Interesing statistic from CNN:

Another reason Clinton won? She beat Obama easily among late-deciders. Those voters who decided in the last three days went for the New York senator by a 15-point margin, 57 percent to 42 percent.

Straw in the wind: I was on Broad Street at lunch time, and walked past a bunch of Obama supporters holding up signs. And then I went into the Borders and, going up the escalator, gave the thumbs up to a young lady going down the escalator, who was wearing a Hillary button. Several of them, in fact. She held up a black cell phone and said: "I've got to make more calls!"

Where I'm going is that the Clinton campaign has been derided for relying on phone banks -- 90s technology. Yet who was more effective? The young lady with the phone, or the cheering supporters in the streets? I'm betting the young lady. And it may turn out that when the history of this campaign is written, that the Clinton campaign was more effective, in ways that haven't been written about, than we now know.

Here's hoping....

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

Submitted by lambert on

... for her victory speech -- on Earth day. Genuinely classy. And a very positive speech, too. We'll handle the negativity so she doesn't have to...

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by goldberry on

Face to face interactions have been the most effective way to flip a voter, in my personal experience. AND you learn a lot about each candidate's supporters. For instance, I found that Obama supporters are softies. They are just as intrigued by her novelty as his. But they need a little push. It's fun as all get out to canvass. If you go out there with a cheery disposition like some kind of Mary Poppins, people just respond. I LOVE it.
Come together at The Confluence

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Submitted by BDBlue on

as Clinton's lead has increased to 10%. Although I admit to some cognitive dissonance hearing pundits like Gloria Borger say that Obama needs to win Indiana. Similarly, the PBS anchor asked why Obama was staying in the race if he couldn't win white voters. That comment was amidst a sea of Obama love, but perhaps things are changing?

Submitted by lambert on

Oh, snap!

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by koshembos on

The Democrats have two options: chose Obama and lose in a landslide (he cannot carry any of the big states) or chose Hillary and have a decent chance. Knowing the Democrats, landslide it is.

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Submitted by wasabi on

Clinton/Obama ticket.

Someone needs to sit those two down for a little talk. 50% of Clinton supporters in PA would either vote for McCain or sit home. Ouch.

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Submitted by RedSox04 on

an email i just sent to some friends:

not to raise the specter of Obama/Hillary again, but I just saw Obama's speech, and I found it infuriating.

For him to all but state that he doesn't take lobbyist money (bullshit) but that Hillary does, and then to claim that lobbyist money is preventing Washington politicians such as Hillary from meaningful health care reform and renewable energy, WHEN EVERYONE WHO KNOWS THE ISSUES KNOWS THAT 1) OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE "REFORM" IS WHAT THE LOBBYISTS ARE ALL PUSHING FOR AS PLAN B (MCCAIN IS PLAN A), AND 2) OBAMA WAS THE DOUCHEBAG BEHIND ETHANOL REFORM (BECAUSE HE TAKES SHITLOADS OF MONEY FROM THE CORN FARMERS AND FUTURE TRADERS, BUT NOT THEIR K STREET REGISTERED LOBBYISTS (JUST THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, AND PETS)), WHICH SINGLEHANDEDLY KILLED MEANINGFUL RENEWABLE FUEL INITIATIVES-- this is not only chutzpah of the highest order, but it's snake oil selling.

i really don't think at this moment i will vote for Obama. period. i think i'll stay home come november if he wins. talk to me tomorrow when i'm more sober and less exercised, but right now i view him as a purveyor of lies and half-truths, a snake oil salesman of great skill and minimal integrity. at least i know what i'm getting with hillary. an honest, hardworking liberal who's prone to falling into bed with special interests. but at least earnest and i know where she's going. with obama, i don't think he's liberal, i know he's not hardworking, and i'm pretty sure he's not honest. in the unlikely event he became president, i fear for this country. he's already in bed with the special interests (and disingenuously lying about it by not taking money solely from registered lobbyists while claiming he's lobbyist-free), and he's not even done with his 1st term as a US SENATOR yet.

not to mention that he can't win without winning the working class, and that won't happen as long as he and his supporters keep pretending that the Clinton years were this terrible Dark Age that was so awful for working families.

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Submitted by bringiton on

And a party broke out.

Howard Fineman is on MSNBC now and sounds totally pissed off. He'd been arguing that if she didn't get double-digits she was finished - bummer, she beat his mark. Talking about how nasty and dirty she's been campaigning, used the word "typical" of the Clintons. Poor Howard.

Also, Clinton headquarters just reported $2.5 million new dollars in this evening, $1 million in the last hour.

Pat Buchanan, odd as he is, just came right out and said it: "She beat him up." The rest of the panel is on and on about how she just doesn't stand a chance overall and Hillary's being so mean and nasty and hurting the party. Buchanan says Hillary has changed the course of the campaign, she's worn Obama down, he's out of emotional gas and if he can't pick up the tempo he's finished. That's how Obama sounded to me, too; mildly disturbing to agree with Buchanan, but every once and a while he gets it right.

Great outcome, great job by Clinton and her team. If she wins Indiana, even by a little, I say Obama is finished - the remaining undeclared superdelegates will look at him as someone who can't close the deal.

Submitted by lambert on

Yeah, they had to write the editorial before the results were in, and they guessed wrong. Either that, or it's hard to write while clutching your pearls:

The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result on Tuesday...

Really. So, what would have been "conclusive"? 20%? Obama finishing his waffle, instead of pushing it away?

Meanwhile, the editors pen a classic headline for Nags:

The Bruising Will Go On for the Party

Well, that's only because the OFB bruises awful easy...

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by ggggchapelhill on

"racist democrats, not republicans created clinton victory in PA" and the very classy "Pony up, bitches"

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

as proof Obama is more popular.

But the "undecideds" aren't the ones who go to rallies, and when you have a lot of young people supporting you (ones who don't have as many responsibilities and more energy) it will skew numbers.

Youngsters go to concerts in big numbers too.

I suspect the Oborg are like Deadheads - they go by carloads to every rally within range. College is a natural spot for organizing those trips too.

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

I've seen tougher bananas

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

and I'll pony up... for HRC!

Bitches get things done!

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Submitted by koshembos on

Watching Obama ruin the Democrats' chances one speculates on what would have happened if instead of going nuclear against mainstream Democrats, including Hillary, he would have used his rhetorical skills to really unify the party.

He would have been the nominee by now and the Democrats would've had a solid chance in November.

Well, so much for smart campaigning.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

In the first five minutes of her show today, Randi let this one go:

"The Clinton campaign describes Hillary's voters as older, white, and undereducated. Or as we called them in my neighborhood: white trash."

(from a post at MyDD)

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

Submitted by lambert on

Exactly. If Obama had led on FISA, he'd probably have gotten my vote. If he had led on MI/FL ditto. If he's fixed the health care plan, just maybe ditto. (At least I wouldn't have been so gleeful...)

But Obama never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He talks about leading, but leaders lead.

Yet another reason he's not ready.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

for everyone but the OFB and the Oborgs.


"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by BDBlue on

1) Nobody in Pennsylvania had heard of Barack Obama six weeks ago and that's why Clinton won.

2) Barack Obama is running his first national campaign and so he can't be expected to beat a nationally known candidate.

3) Losing by 10 is a win because a few months ago he was losing by more! (Unclear whether this rule will apply in November)

And I learned this from a reporter:

4) Obama's campaign is arguing internally over how negative to go.

For some reason I suspect the fourth thing is directly related to the lameness of the first three.

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Submitted by basement angel on

than claiming that she doesn't have the moral authority to lay a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier because of the Tuzla story?

I don't know where you go after that.

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Submitted by OxyCon on

He would have been wise if he campaigned to be Hillary's Vice President, being that he is young and unseasoned in politics.
But just like his bowling, he's thrown his campaign into the gutter with his caustic attacks, and he's no longer acceptable as a running mate. He'd just drag Hillary down if he were on the same ticket.
He let his head get too big, too fast and now he's going to end up with nothing. He'll be lucky if he even remains a US Senator when this is all said and done.

BDBlue's picture
Submitted by BDBlue on

by the media's deep concern about the Democratic Party.

And, basement angel, I knew Hillary was going to win Pennsylvania when I read that story about the Tuzla conference call. Hillary's already admitted the mistake and apologized, Obama said to let it go at the debate, and then they still hold that conference call? Desperate move, IMO.

And the GOP analyst on Larry King Live just said Obama ran 10,000 ads in Pennsylvania. Is that right? Because if it is, I feel very sorry for Pennsylvania.

Davidson's picture
Submitted by Davidson on

That's what the TV tells me. Clinton, meanwhile, has fangs, talons, and bathes herself in children's blood (Just look at that "youthful" glow of hers!).

@BasementAngel: They said that? Sick, just sick. I shouldn't be surprised after McPeak called Bill "Joe McCarthy" right in front of an approving Obama. Meanwhile, no one bothers to bring up legitimate issues, like, how Obama said no one could have predicted 9/11 or how his Iraq pledge is just cynically exploiting the good will of voters (considering Samantha Power's remarks).

lisadawn82's picture
Submitted by lisadawn82 on

by ten Electorial votes will he be President? No? I didn't think so.

Lambert, thanks for reading Kos so I don't have to. Yuck.

I've just been lurking here for a few months but I'd like to say that after being run off of the "other" blogs that I'm happy to have found such an awesome place as Correntewire.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

That was the main theme tonight, but near the end of the CNN coverage, Gergen slipped - after hearing Obama's camp was debating about how negative to go - and said that he went harshly negative near the end in Pennsylvania and the Obama guy seemed to agree and both said it didn't help Obama.

That was what I noticed tonight - every once in awhile, as Clinton's lead hit double digits - the media narrative slipped. A couple of reporters asked why he couldn't close the deal. At least one asked why he doesn't drop out if he can't win the white vote. Several of them made Clinton's argument to the SD's accurately. CNN even included Florida in one of its popular vote scenarios (MSNBC simply put up a popular vote total with Obama ahead 800,000 and pretended Florida and Michigan didn't exist).

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Submitted by CognitiveDissonance on

I watched Fox all night. It's easier on my blood pressure to filter the anti-dem meme from the constant in-the-tank-for-Obama meme on CNN and MSNBC. They were quite hard on Obama and his inability to win over working class (Reagan) democrats, white men, women, and older voters. They were especially snarky about the mess Howard Dean has made of things by not forcing revotes in MI and FL (and I agree with them). Maybe it is only on Fox at this point, but they are seriously arguing that there is no way Obama wins in November. I think some of that will transfer to the other news outlets before too long. SD's would have to be blind and have a death-wish to miss it after tonight.

Incidentally, the last I heard, Hillary has raised $4 million tonight. That should also tell them something.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

the popular vote count.

So sayeth ABC (h/t No Quarter)

Sorry, no link, I'm tired.

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

RCP includes michigan as 0 for obama, and uses the washington caucus ESTIMATES rather than the actual (beauty context) primary totals.

apportioning the Michigan vote according to the "if everyone was on the ballot who would you vote for" exit poll question (46% Clinton, 35% Obama), and substituting the WA primary numbers for the caucus estimates. I get

Obama 15,425,451
Clinton 15,356,263

Obama up by 69,188 or 00.2% of "votes"

But when you add in the votes cast for other candidates, Obama doesn't come close to having a clear majority of the popular vote.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

91% of the african american voters who said that race was not a factor voted for Obama.

I mean, at least the result from white voters who said race was not a factor is plausible (58% Clinton, 42% Obama).

BAC's picture
Submitted by BAC on

It's such a refreshing change from MSM and some of the other so-called "progressive" blogs. And to think, we have actually met in person!! Makes it all the more fun!

Thanks for your continued coverage.


Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

Guam (May 3), West Virginia (May 13), Oregon (May 20, with KY), Puerto Rico (June 1) and Montana and South Dakota (June 3).

Submitted by lambert on

WKJM is now part of THE media narrative". Congratulations! Well done, all.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Kate Stone on

Much has been make of Obama's community organizing skills in Chicago.

Lost has been the fact that when Hillary Clinton went into New York to run for the Senate she had high negatives, was considered a carpetbagger, and her husband was a disgrace.

Nonetheless, she organized the community. She enjoys great support throughout the state, especially with rural voters Upstate. Those were the toughest nuts to crack and she organized mightedly and won them over.

She did the same with that demographic in PA. And she will do that in IN. Barack Obama needs to get out of his head and into his heart about the plight of the white working class. Otherwise, they will vote McCain.

Submitted by lambert on

Another front-pager I used to read, Hunter (quoted from TalkLeft, since The Obama 527 Formerly Known As Kos seems to be down for this post):

There is no reasonable scenario where Clinton can pull out a primary win absent intervention by the superdelegates.

But this is true for Obama as well.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by willyjsimmons on

But in terms of who is actually going to win this thing, last night was actually a bad night for Clinton.

O RLY!?!?!?

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Submitted by zuzu on

I suspect the Oborg are like Deadheads - they go by carloads to every rally within range.

Deadheads go to concerts, but not all of them actually get tickets to go into the show. Which is also, historically, something that happens with the youth/new-voter vote.

Bluegrass Poet's picture
Submitted by Bluegrass Poet on

has struck me as being very gracious toward Obama and Obama voters. I thought she was tonight in her speech and in her appearance with Keith Olbermann. I didn't watch the debate.

I found myself wondering if she was already trying to heal this so-called rift in the poor battered Democratic party, which is in such bad shape that its members are voting in record numbers.

But if you're going to run against somebody you have to be allowed to campaign and that, it seems to me, has been what the OFB has been about: Hillary is not to be allowed to campaign.

intranets's picture
Submitted by intranets on

I keep reading this, "Clinton now has almost no chance of winning on the delegate count"

WTF is different NOW than before? Did something change? An election came out just as predicted with same number of delegates. My spreadsheet hasn't changed, so why all the people saying NOW IT'S OVER.

And as every sane person has pointed out, no one can win without superdelegates. You can argue over 'popular vote' but that is stupid, because the system doesn't work that way. Just like the president is elected by electoral votes, not popular vote. Bitch all you want, but that's the system.

In this case the Dems have picked their own system and have to live with it.

Has anyone done the math to see what happens if DNC elections were re-calculated using RNC winner-take-all approach??? It must show Hillary ahead or I would have read about it somewhere.

Becki Jayne's picture
Submitted by Becki Jayne on

Sean Wilentz at Salon did, Apr. 7...

SEAN: "If the Democrats ran their nominating process the way we run our general elections, Sen. Hillary Clinton would have a commanding lead in the delegate count, one that will only grow more commanding after the next round of primaries, and all questions about which of the two Democratic contenders is more electable would be moot."

Davidson's picture
Submitted by Davidson on

The DNC rules allow for the superdelegates to pick the nominee in such a contested race based on any factor they want. So, if they wanted to vote for the popular vote count leader or who they believed would be the stronger GE candidate then it would be allowed in the "system." It does work that way--in terms of the nomination. Those are the rules.

Just like the president is elected by electoral votes, not popular vote.

The GE rules are obviously different from the Democratic nomination process. If Clinton, as the nominee, had the national popular vote lead against McCain but lost the deciding battleground state by one vote then she would, of course, not win the presidency. No one is contesting that. But, again, the rules for the nomination are different.

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Submitted by TonyRz on

The Precious' local staff and volunteers brought him a big win within the city limits of Philly - something like 60/40 - but it was apparently important to leave them alone to cry in their beers last night on Boathouse Row, because he had to valiantly soar on to Indiana, away from the black hole of reality, where an arena full of his enthusiastic supporters ... got to watch him get his ass handed to him.

Is he a complete sociopath?


Dear Lord, I just had an afterthought -- were the Philly folks being "punished" for not bringing it for The Precious, when he himself seems to be the biggest albatross they bear?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

via here

Taking the commonly bandied about number of $11 million spent in Pennsylvania, with a vote haul (from the NYT) of 1,035,230, Obama spent an average of $10.63 for each vote received.

Taking Hillary's expenditure amount of $3 million, with a vote count of 1,249,936, Hillary spent an average of $2.40 for each vote received.

Is it any wonder more voters trust her with the economy? She'll squeeze a nickel, til the buffalo screams.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Anyone who claims that Obama can withstand the GOP because he's withstood Clinton's attacks is delusional. The GOP in NC is up with this horrible, misleading ad (which I'm not embedding because I don't want to spread it to more web pages) - For those who don't want to watch it, it's basically nothing but Wright's God Damn America speech and a claim that Obama is too radical for North Carolina and tying him to two local candidates that have endorsed him. McCain, playing honorable man, has requested it come down. I seriously hope Hillary hits the GOP for this.

And here's the 527 ad against him by the guy who did the Willie Horton ad - I don't find this very effective, but then I'm not a death penalty proponent. For those who don't want to watch, it goes through incredibly sad gang killings in Chicago and says Obama voted against making gang killings subject to the death penalty and ends asking if Obama is too weak to fight the war on gangs, how can he be trusted to win the war on terror. It's like a parody of a GOP ad.

Watching both these ads takes me back to my days as a student in NC living through the Helms-Gantt ad wars. Ick, ick, ick. With all the bandying about of "racist", it's helpful to remember which party has the real racists in it.