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Conservative populism

I'm not the only one. Simon Johnson quoting Nooners:

"Too big to fail is too big to continue. The megabanks have too much power in Washington and too much weight within the financial system.” Who said this and when?

The answer is Peggy Noonan, the prominent conservative commentator, writing recently in The Wall Street Journal.

This is a significant opportunity for anyone with clear thinking on the right – someone looking for a Teddy Roosevelt trustbusting or Nixon-goes-to-China moment. Again, Ms. Noonan gets it right: “In this case good policy is good politics. If you are a conservative you’re supposed to be for just treatment of the individual over the demands of concentrated elites.”

Well, "supposed to be." Then again, the Democrats were supposed to be for a lot of stuff, too.

Of course, any populist on either side of the aisle is going to get at least one bankster CEO thrown in jail, and not small fry from a bucket shop or a check cashing place. So there's a litmus test. Listening, Professor Warren?

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Link to the Simon Johnson article is here, BTW.

This is another one of those issues, like some forms of executive overreach and some of our recent wars, where there are people on the right see things as clearly as we, yet this still isn't enough to make the people doing these things change course. To say it's frustrating is like saying that the Sahara is hot and dry.

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It is. I don't know what to do about this, or if there is anything to be done. Still, I take pleasure in having been a day ahead of Simon Johnson ;-)