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More destruction on the out: USDA to allow factory fish to be labelled "organic"

This single example of Conservative destructiveness is a lot more significant than smashing the O's on the White House keyboard, I would say. :

For the first time, a federal advisory board has approved criteria that clear the way for farmed fish to be labeled "organic," a move that pleased aquaculture producers even as it angered environmentalists and consumer advocates.

And another case of why only what's local is truly safe.

And similar games are being played all over the government by Conservative operatives and stay-behind agents who, no doubt, hope to say on as "professionals." Gad.

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Is that a real story? I don't pay much attention to the news these days--its all BS to me at this point. I seem to remember similar stories that proved unfounded about Clinton leaving the White House. Please tell me that smashing the Os is a joke and not another ominous sign of Obama being similar to Bush. The carbon copied campaign (integrity to Washington, respected values around the world, "post-partisan", etc.; not to mention tactics)

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It's a riff on a story, which IIRC was false, that the Clinton staff smashed the Ws on the keyboards when Bush came in. They started lying right away.