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D "liberal" litmus tests for Obama don't include action on jobs

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The liberals are watching three big tests over the next month to see whether the president is firmly in their corner: extending Bush-era tax cuts that are set to expire Dec. 31, ratifying a new nuclear-arms treaty with Russia and repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military.

Nothing on jobs at all, or foreclosures, or the banks. Quelle surprise. If you didn't know that the Ds threw the working class under the bus in 2008, now you really know it, eh?

Of course, there's nothing on jobs because permanently higher DISemployment is the policy options fully supported by both legacy parties. And of course there's nothing on foreclosures because "extend and pretend" is also fully supported by both legacy parties. And there's nothing at all on prosecuting bankster criminals -- sorry for the redundancy -- let alone breaking up the Too Bigger To Fail banks so we don't have another crash, because the banksters own both legacy parties, and Versailles, too.


NOTE And, oh yeah, no Social Security cuts isn't a litmus test either. Gawd, the Ds suck.

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What irritates me about some of the big name liberal bloggers (who will remain unmentioned, though we all know who they are) is their endless critical refrain about the ineptitude (we conspiratorialists call it the duopoly's intentional obstruction of progressive reform) of the Dems year after year without any real hope that things are going to change. I can't think of a much drearier activity than repeating the same advice over and over again only to see it ignored and the field tilted further right each time. I know politics is infused with a certain amount of faith like religion, but it should be fairly clear by now that the only faith most of the current Dems possess is of the very bad type. It's a sad situation and I don't see it being rectified any time soon. Third parties, without an enormous infusion of money from some Sorosish billionaire, are not feasible, and primarying Mr. HopeyChangey seems even more remote. I am cultivating my own garden, a la Voltaire, but the storm coming over the ridgetop looks very fierce indeed.