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DC Liveblogging and Me

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So you've probably heard, I've relocated to DC out of the Midwest, and I've come into a financial situation that will allow me to do nothing but blogging for a time (love you grrrl!). Yesterday, I went to the Greenwald and Blumenthal event at CAP, and a reader questioned my liveblogged report. Well and good, let's get some things straight before I get too caught up in the muck here in our nation's cesspool.

Eventually, someone is going to out me, or I'll out myself, and you'll be able to find out my real name and probably a bunch of other stuff that I may or may not want you to know. But I'm not going to help in that process just yet. Corrente is and always will be my first and best blogging home, and I'm very proud and honored to write here with such excellent people. But it's also the case that not too many people in DC read it, yet, and so for a time, I'm going to use my anonymity as a shield, and do a little work in an undercover fashion.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should believe a word I write here. Or, for that matter, anything you read in the NYTimes, or hear on Katie Couric's "news" program. If you don't see something with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, it's all just second hand and hearsay to you. I trust my own judgment just as I'm sure you trust yours; you can choose to believe what I write here or not, I really don't care.

But the bottom line for me is that on these fine intertubes, my word is my bond. I'm only human, and I'm sure I make mistakes and misunderstand people and events like the next person, but I'm really looking forward to doing some old fashioned reporting, and I'm going to try to bring my readers some insight and liveblog events so that they can better understand what goes on in DC. So while I'm not asking you to "trust me," I am hopeful that you'll enjoy this journey along with me, and keep in mind that I am a curious person who likes to make trouble, and that I want to share some of that with you.

I fully expect and desire readers to question, challenge, and otherwise keep me on my toes as I bring you events and reports from my new life. I ask your indulgence as well; event scheduling here is as difficult as managing a restaurant schedule of cooks and servers (inside joke for you food service people); I will be doing a great deal but I may not have time to blog on it all right away. But: Michael Lind is fat. (I keed, I keed)

Anyway, I love the internets, I love writing, I love being queer and I'm already halfway in love with DC. Not the government or conservative cabal who rule here, but the people who seem as much obsessed about policy as I am, and who people the streets and places I go like locusts. This truly is a wonk's town. I'm so sorry I didn't have a rotten egg yesterday, Bush's motorcade drove by while I was at H street, I was within striking distance and would've loved to pelt the Presidential limousine with one. I promise to try next time.

So, I've got to run, Soros is in town, I've got a date tonight, I'm behind on my email, and I need to do some yoga. Expect fewer and shorter, but more liveblogged and direct reporting style posts from me for a while. Also, if you're a rich, well-connected Washingtonian, I'm happy to accept a job offer from you. I don't do boys, but I'll pimp my attractive male friends- I've got a bunch. Ok, that's humor, in case you're not sure.
I'm finding myself better understanding of Gilly today, because in truth, I am doing this for two reasons. First for myself, the only reason that truly motivates any of us in the end. But also for you, gentle reader. I know most of you share my disgust with the SCLM, but unlike most of you, I have a chance to go and "be the media" and see what they see with my own eyes. I'll share that with you, because I've always wanted to know how it works here for myself, and I feel that if I can understand things better, perhaps you can too.

...also, being in the South during the winter: totally excellent. As a former Northern Flatlander, can I just say how much it rawks not to have to wear the Cabela's coat? I actually wore open toed shoes, outside this weekend. I may have to rethink that whole "liberals should give up on the South for now" strategy...

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