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So last week when my giddy facebook friends would post pictures like this:

I would assuage my guilt by saying something like "That's awesome! Obviously he must have been dissatisfied with the lack of immediacy in drone killing, and had them whip up some hand held laser blasters!".

So the magical Obama is bringing the gayness on his flying unicorn? Yeah, it wasn't the hard work of thousands.

Fucked up shit.

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I wonder if the spurs jingle?

"Some people give me the creeps" (X). I reallly don't know how to talk to my nieces and nephews about all this. They've been totally sold on the flip side of this.

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e.g. "I'm old enough to realize that Obama is more conservative than Nixon ever was."

They know Nixon was a bad, no good, republican president. So tell them that actually Obama is further to the right than Nixon was, and back it up with reasons if they ask why you say that. At least, that claim made a big impression on me the first time I heard it (though I wasn't an Obama-phile at the time either).

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That's what I do.

When people accost me on my fb with this kind of shit, I am brutally honest, because they are asking for it by subjecting me to it. The problem with Obama isn't that he was one of two evil choices, it's that too many people are revelling in their tribes win, and not willing to criticize or fight for their rights. Pictures like this are a perfect example. He giveth all gifts.

Then again, I save my powder there, because nobody likes a scold and I try not to really ever talk much politics. It's family and friend time. Point is just because I was forced to vote for him doesn't mean I drank some kind of Obama droolaid. Put me down as the 2012 version of Vastleft.