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Wings over Philadelphia

“The art of war is to gain time when your strength is inferior.”
— Napoleon

Our strength is inferior? I already hear the cries of “Blasphemy!” But if blasphemy it be, so be it.

To put it most simply, we in the Sanders movement are up against a Democratic Party Establishment backed by Wall Street, funded by corporate America, entrenched in the corridors of power. Their bullshit is blasted out night and day from every nook and cranny.

Are we therefore powerless? Far from it. We have had an astonishingly effective grassroots campaign organization. But a campaign organization is a very fragile and unwieldy beast. It is designed to (obviously) run electoral campaigns. It is not designed for doing much else. Read more about Wings over Philadelphia

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Did teachers really endorse Hillary Clinton

Teachers Say No Freaking Way to AFT Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Even though AFT's press release explained the process of how members were polled, including several town hall meetings, multiple surveys and a "you decide" website, the announcement of the endorsement erupted a firestorm of outrage from AFT teacher members nationwide on twitter.

Re-Post: Oh Little Town of Washington

Re-Post of 12-8-13:

Oh little town of Washington,
how still we see you lie.
The crap -- a cheap and mean-filled heap --
as silent drones destroy.

In your dark hearts harbored
the everlasting ploy
through hopes and fears to millions here
serious fleecing to provide.

Obama, born of Oprah,
we gathered all around
to push Bush out forever,
a sick, destructive clown.

Alas, our dream aborted.
The Cheney course remains.
Obama’s charm at doling harm.
He’s master of the game. Read more about Re-Post: Oh Little Town of Washington

If You Cook It ($35,000 T-day Dinner) the 1%ers Will Come!


According to Erik Sherman in “Restaurant's Decadent Thanksgiving Feast: $35,000 for 4” The Old Homestead Restaurant on Manhattan’s lower west side offered for Thanksgiving a $35,000 celebration for four people ($8,750 a person). The offer extended was to accommodate 3 groups of four.

By Tuesday two of the three celebration packages had been snapped up. One of the buyers was reported to be from a financial institution in NYC and another an out-of-towner. Read more about If You Cook It ($35,000 T-day Dinner) the 1%ers Will Come!

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What Booman said

Yes, you heard me right, What Booman said. It seems that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has warned that the West will be the next target of the jihadists sweeping through Syria and Iraq, unless there is "rapid" action.



Because the entire House of Saud is a bunch of rotten cowards incapable of fighting their own wars. Read more about What Booman said

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Chuck Hagel is a horrible person

DoD quietly tightens tuition assistance rules

Force-wide changes to the military’s Tuition Assistance program may require troops to pay back their TA money if they perform poorly in class.

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No comment

Senators urge Pentagon to end systematic faking of its accounts

(Reuters) - Four senators have called on the Defense Department to end a practice that involves deliberately inserting false numbers into the Pentagon's accounting ledgers and financial reports.

Obama’s Hitlerian Comments @ West Point

In “Obama’s West Point speech: A prescription for unending war” Bill Van Auken exposes the folly of the corporate media in framing Obama’s recent speech as “an embrace of a more multilateral and less militaristic American foreign policy.” Read more about Obama’s Hitlerian Comments @ West Point

The Judicial Frame-Up of OWS Protester Cecily McMillan

Let’s say you are a passionate, peace-and-justice advocating 25-year old female graduate student at NYC’s School of Social Research, participating in a legal OWS demonstration of several hundred in March 2012 at Zuccotti Park in NYC -- its sixth month memorial celebration. Suddenly from behind a man gropes your chest and you instinctively elbow him in the eye. Immediately you are set upon and beaten to the ground by multiple police officers. You are arrested and taken to a hospital where you are handcuffed to a bed. Read more about The Judicial Frame-Up of OWS Protester Cecily McMillan

US to Crush Russian Gas Trade via Demonization & Fracking?


Glen Ford has a compelling, troubling and revelatory article over at Black Agenda Report entitled, “U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission.” Now I’m thinking maybe we should bottom-line the Ukraine fiasco by archly suggesting, “It’s about the Russian energy exports, stupid!” The new militarist playbook in the Ukraine is really the same old militarist playbook from Iraq. Nothing to do with humanitarian concern for democracy. Money, money, money. Oil, oil, oil. Gas, gas, gas. Read more about US to Crush Russian Gas Trade via Demonization & Fracking?

Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

I knew Obama was not sincere in any humanitarian intentions in Syria.

I knew Obama would not work with Russia to bring peace to Syria. Instead the Obama administration is doing all it can to demonize Russia re the Ukraine situation and re Sochi Olympics and the gay issue. The corporate media, of course, is obliging. Doing all it can also to discredit Russia.

Thierry Meyssan in “After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?” writes: Read more about Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

The New 1,582-page Bipartisan-Sell-Out Austerity Budget


Andre Damon in “US Congress passes bipartisan austerity budget” runs down details of the 1,582-page budget that was overwhelmingly accepted by both houses. In fact, it had a fast-tracked approval process Monday through Thursday in the Senate, suggesting that most of the senators never even read it.

Damon labels the new budget “reactionary” and “anti-working class in character” and points out that it reduces discretionary social spending to its lowest percentage since the 1950s. Read more about The New 1,582-page Bipartisan-Sell-Out Austerity Budget

Porn-watching C*Os major vector for corporate malware infection


The survey of 200 U.S.-based data security analysts reveals that 40 percent removed malware from a senior manager’s computer or mobile device after the frisky executive visited an X-rated website.

Other leading causes of malware include executives clicking on malicious links in spam emails and lending company devices to their family members, the survey found.

Though malware poses a security threat, it appears companies are not being held accountable for their executives’ naughty behavior. The survey indicates that 57 percent of data breaches are not disclosed to company’s clients, partners or other affected parties.

Of course, if you work in a cube, watching porn is a firing offense, and don't think you're not watched. Read more about Porn-watching C*Os major vector for corporate malware infection

Wrong-Side-of-History Obama’s UN Speech: 10 Issues

Obama’s speech to the UN on Tuesday was slick and creepy -- dangerously threatening at times, especially its rejection of any serious commitment to the basic UN charter, and hypocritically jingoistic at other times, particularly in rationalizing “military humanitarian intervention” and conflating US imperialism with benignly “stabilizing the globe.” Read more about Wrong-Side-of-History Obama’s UN Speech: 10 Issues

This time, Cheney doesn't shoot an old man in the face

But that won't prevent him from ducking responsbility!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s gun malfunctioned before he could get a shot off at an antelope hunting contest in Wyoming on Sunday, according to a local ABC News affiliate.

“The Vice President is an excellent shot,” the captain of Cheney’s hunting team said. “He had a gun malfunction. But I think he is so excited and enjoyed this so much. He'll be back next year."


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