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Obama & A Few of the “Games People Play” from Eric Berne

Eric Berne, M.D., decades ago wrote the very popular “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” self-help book based on his theory of “transactional analysis”. Berne maintained that people related to each other from three ego states, the child, adult and parent. He held that when these cross transactions at times reached dysfunctional levels, people would often resort to manipulative passive aggressive game-playing to achieve social power advantage. Read below the fold...

Opting out of the full-body scan could save your life


Four UCSF scientists sent a memo to the President's science advisor last April, explaining why the administration should do further testing before deploying the whole-body scanners.

The executive summary: Read below the fold...

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2010 Midterms: Footprints of Election Fraud

2010 Midterms Analysis: House Generic, Senate RV/ LV Polls, Exit Polls vs. Recorded Vote

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

Nov. 16, 2010

The 2010 midterms are history. The typical reaction of the pundits is to promote the conventional wisdom that it was a GOP blowout of epic proportions - even bigger than 1994. Yes, the party in power nearly always loses seats in the midterms. The unconventional wisdom is that the Democrats do significantly better than the recorded vote indicates in every election. There is no reason to suspect that 2010 was any different. Read below the fold...

The taxonomy of logical fallacies

This is totally, totally awesome. We should use this resource often -- maybe a Logical Fallacy of the Day, or something....

Taxonomy geeks unite! You have nothing to lose but illogic! Read below the fold...

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FDL discusses The Mendacity of Hope: Barack Obama and the Betrayal of American Liberalism

I just finished reading through an excellent book discussion on FireDogLake that directly and explicitly addressed the questions of how to organize an alternative political movement to overcome the Democratic-Republican duopoly that currently dominates our political economy: FDL Book Salon Welcomes Roger D. Hodge, The Mendacity of Hope: Barack Obama and the Betrayal of American Liberalism. Read below the fold...

BLS Jobs Report, October 2010: Conflicting Pictures

I expect that the headlines on today's job report will be that the economy added 151,000 jobs in October. They may also go on to say that job losses in August were revised down from 57,000 to 1,000 and in September from 95,000 to 41,000. If these numbers had come out before the election, they might have affected a few close races.

The 3 major areas of increase were in part time jobs (35,000), a good sign if the economy is recovering, a bad sign if it isn't; healthcare (24,000), an unsustainable sector; and retail (28,000), not a good sign quality-wise, possibly a good sign in terms of the economy.

All of these numbers are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Establishment survey. Read below the fold...

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The War on <strike>Teachers</strike> Ignorance III: What Could Work

(The title is inspired by Historiann's excellent post. Also a note: unlike most of the things I blog about, teaching is what I've done professionally for decades. I taught in universities, not schools, but the two aren't totally unrelated.) Part I, Part II

If you need a metaphor for education it's not work or play or a factory or a ladder. It's a journey. People join at different points, and leave at any point. No power on earth can keep them on it if their minds don't want to go. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's mind-altering, sometimes it's a real slog, and sometimes the fleas force a change of plan. The same people are guides or need guides for different things at different times. Sometimes the travellers learn things on the road that are useful in the next village. Sometimes they climb mountains and see the whole world spread out before them.

Certification -- whether it's a cosmetology degree, a B.A,. or an M.D. -- is the commuter traffic of that journey. The roads used, however, still have to be in good condition. Better, if anything, to withstand all that traffic. The necessary aspects of education still have to be done right, even if all anyone wants is a piece of paper for the wall. Where that's most important is at the foundation: in schools. Read below the fold...

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War on Teachers II: Why It Can't Work

(The title is inspired by Historiann's excellent post. Also a note: unlike most of the things I blog about, teaching is what I've done professionally for decades. I taught in universities, not schools, but the two aren't totally unrelated.)

Let's face it. The war on teachers is about money. People want to pay less and get more. Read below the fold...

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Dennis Spisak interview rescheduled for October 26, 2010 at 7PM Eastern Time

A downed phone line prevented Dennis Spisak from calling in, so tomorrow evening is going to be the interview that should have taken place on Saturday. Having been there before, all I can say is, “Yikes!”

Anyway, here’s the info for tomorrow night’s show.

1 (347) 884-9121 Read below the fold...

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Green Party Candidate Dennis Spisak TONIGHT, October 23, at 7PM - Blog Talk Radio

I’ll be interviewing Ohio gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak on Saturday, October 23rd, at 7:00 PM via my Blog Talk Radio show. The URL and call-in number are below:

1 (347) 884-9121 Read below the fold...

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If You're Going to Dump Obama, Here's Some Advice

After reading the entries by metamars, Jeff Roby, and others calling for a "Dump Obama" movement, and after reading the questions put to me in those threads, I decided to analyze what these guys are trying to do and come up with some advice for how to grow a "Dump Obama" crowd into a cohesive, well-organized, nationwide movement. Read below the fold...

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The Problem is We Lack a Leader(s)


Avedon got me thinking and commenting on something that's been in the back of my head for a while now, so I thought I'd turn it into a post. Put on your thinking caps, Corrente. This is the hardest problem we face.

We need a leader. Several of them, in fact. How do we get that? Grow them? Make them? However you want to phrase it, the need right now isn't "how do we fix these problems?" but instead is "who will be the face of the reforms we already know must happen, and who will inspire people to take us down that road?" Read below the fold...

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The Filibuster: Discuss

Despite being a blogger who blogs about politics, I actually know more about Sumerian grammar than I do about American political history, and I readily admit that. So this comment by reader Joe really intrigued me:

By the way, I think the filibuster issue is one of Corrente's major blind spots. I don't think the degree to which filibuster abuse has completely altered our system of governance can be overemphasized.

Read below the fold...

BLS Jobs Report, September 2010

The overall jobs picture for September 2010 painted by the BLS numbers is of an economy dead in the water with some further deterioration around the edges. As I often point out, the BLS report is based on two surveys, household (employees) and establishment (employers). The first measures people, the second, positions. The numbers are scaled up from these surveys and passed through models (which have not been working that well for the type of recession we are in) to give seasonally adjusted figures. It is these which are usually cited both in the reports and in the news. These are estimates and undergo revisions in the following two months and again at the end of the year. Read below the fold...


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