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Marcia Angell: Opposing "Health Insurance Reform", Supporting Reforming Health Care


Marcia Angell, former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, doesn't like where health insurance reform is going.  She claims the current reforms being discussed by the White House and Democrats in Congress(clearly, Republicans are too busy creating Obama's Waterloo moment to worry about the rapidly rising cost of health care, much less the plight of the uninsured and underinsured) amount to "throwing good money after the bad".  Angell makes a strong argument for reforms by targetting what doesn't work, and building on what does.  She lays out the argument opposing Read more about Marcia Angell: Opposing "Health Insurance Reform", Supporting Reforming Health Care

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The Jedi Master Follows Up on Health Care Reform


Roger Ebert:

My mistake was writing from the pragmatic side. I should have followed my heart and gone with a more emotional approach. I believe universal health care is, quite simply, right.
It is a moral imperative. I cannot enjoy health coverage and turn to my neighbor and tell him he doesn't deserve it. A nation is a mutual undertaking. In a democracy, we set out together to do what we believe is good for the commonwealth. That means voluntarily subjecting ourselves to the rule of law, taxation, military service, the guaranteeing of rights to minorities, and so on. That is a cheap price to pay.
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Not trusting Government - Just letting (or making) it do its job


An excellent post by Violet, with a great cartoon.


It’s not a question of trusting goverment. It’s a question of using government for what it’s best at, which is managing shared resources and doing things which require society’s collective action. Government is just society imposing its will as a group. Good for building roads (and pyramids and water irrigation channels and rockets to the moon), setting standards for food safety, pooling funds to pay for the indigent, making sure everyone gets healthcare. (That last thing is something we know from studying every other industrialized nation in the world; we don’t have to guess.)

These are the things for which private enterprise is not suitable or is inadequate.

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Democrats Finally Give Up Bipartisanship on Health Care


Is the era of new politics over? 

Via the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Given hardening Republican opposition to Congressional health care proposals, Democrats now say they see little chance of the minority’s cooperation in approving any overhaul, and are increasingly focused on drawing support for a final plan from within their own ranks.


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"Squandered opportunity"

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Wait, you're just figuring this out now?


Finally, some are beginning to see the FAIL in front of their eyes. But I must say, what the hell took you so long? First, the Obama "reform" fiasco should have been obvious since last year when he did everything from repeatedly calling his plan "universal health care" when it obviously wasn't to demonizing universal mandates, including running Harry & Louise ads. Read more about Wait, you're just figuring this out now?

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Big Government (kinda) Saves The Day


Paul Krugman today lays it all out: how Big Government has been what has stood between us and a 1930s-style Great Depression (even as he acknowledges that they could have done a better job of it). Some excerpts: (but read the whole thing!)

I heard you say that we aren’t going to have a second Great Depression. What saved us?

The answer, basically, is Big Government.

So the government fixed things? Does everyone go back to work tomorrow?

Just to be clear: the economic situation remains terrible. We haven’t yet reached the point at which things are actually improving; for now, all we have to celebrate are indications that things are getting worse more slowly.


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Helen Thomas to Gibbs: Your FAIL is showing

Life and death


Catherine Austin Fitts. I just can't excerpt this and do it justice, so I hope Ms. Fitts doesn't mind if I quote it all:

What we are watching price out through the political process is life vs. death. More specifically, the financial value of the life and death of various groups and ages of people vs. the life and death of large banks and corporations.

In a market economy, if a person’s skills become outdated, the theory is that they will be encouraged by their need to generate income to learn new skills or change.

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What would FDR do?


The example of his first 100 days (thank you Lambert) below gives us an idea.

What he did was create immediate relief. What he had that the current President lacks was a compliant Congress, although he too faced a Supreme Court hostile to helping the poor.

Look again at what Roosevelt achieved: Read more about What would FDR do?

What Avedon said



If they can wait ten years for a plan to phase in, they can wait 'til next year to pass a better bill.

and here:

I wish you guys would quit talking about what kind of breakfast meat or lunch meat is going into the healthcare bill. Look, there is no meat, it's all gristle.


Nice talking points. Propagate. Read more about What Avedon said

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The U.S. Constitution vs. the Democratic Party


Historiann has a great post:

US Constitution or Democrats: which one is working as it should? Can you guess? I knew you could!

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Tennessee Brings Back the WPA


Yeah, the NYT is reporting, but that doesn't invalidate the worth of the projects.
Read more about Tennessee Brings Back the WPA


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