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Department of Changing the Subject

This for the tactic in the Republican playbbook, not when we change the subject.

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Hello Corrente Readers


I've joined Corrente after having posted on The Moderate Voice for 5 years. Read below the fold...

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Cats (remember cats?)


As I was saying last November…***

Sophia on the table. ©editor_u, All Rights Reserved

No Plantidote, no Petidote, no Fruit-of-the-Month Club, no Friday Cat Blogging, even. Only, here and there, a glimpse of random beauty. Otherwise gloom, pre-revolutionary cell meetings, and whatnot. Well, at least we haven't had an earthquake lately. Read below the fold...

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Spring Is Here

It's spring in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought we should take a break from hard science and just stop to enjoy the flowers. I saw these at one of the local gas stations today. At first, the flowers looked like azaleas to me, but when I looked at the leaves and the structure of the plants, it seemed pretty clear that they were rhododendrons. Both flowers tend to be among the first perennials to bloom here. So we'll call them rhodies, though opposing viewpoints are welcome.

More importantly, they're magenta:

no flowers to see here
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"Comic Relief" for Dog (and Pet) Lovers


Video Credit: Husky Dog Talking - "I love you," gardea23, YouTube

Yeah, I know. This is probably one of the "silliest" videos you'll ever find on YouTube. That's a given.

But as an 'avid' dog lover, I have to admit that this clip of Mishka always brings a smile to my face, when I'm really feeling low or discouraged.

Hope it does the same for you . . . Read below the fold...

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Post-Apocalyptic Petitode: 12/22/2012


By popular demand, here's some more Moe. He's now 3 months old, 26 pounds, and about 6 inches taller. It's a good thing there happens to be a photographer living in the guest house, because... well...


  Read below the fold...

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Friday Night Petidote

Moe, 13 week old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Bonus awwww below the fold.

Read below the fold...

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Sequestration today-uh, sequestration tomorrow-uh, sequestration forev-uh! A Modest Proposal.

According to Alabama senators Jefferson Sessions and Richard Shelby, the U.S. government does not create jobs, and that taxpayers "hear warnings of a debt crisis and yet learn that we still borrow nearly $4 billion a day. They send their tax dollars to Washington on the hope those dollars will be wisely guarded and then discover that those dollars have been lost and wasted and abused." Read below the fold...

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"Let There Be Rock," Angus Young, AC/DC, #96, Countdown of Rolling Stone "100 Greatest Guitarists" [08:26]


“If a dog won’t come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” -- Woodrow Wilson Read below the fold...

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Election Day Video Treat [02:59]--C-Span "In Depth" Interview With Chris Hedges [Link Fixed]

Here's the link to "In Depth."

[I attempted to make this video "embeddable" by copying it from the C-span archives (through Google) to YouTube, then to my Twitter Account. Obviously, it did not work.] Read below the fold...

I don't think these are hummingbirds, Toto...

Can I have a Halloween do-over post? Black cats are iconic, but... bats! That's a Lesser Long-nosed Bat and not only is it cute as the dickens, Read below the fold...

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"You'll Be In My Heart," Phil Collins, A Tribute to All Pets [4:20] (Revised)

["Hat Tip" to DogRatandCat for this English Springer Spaniel video.]

Thought I'd take a break from "rock music," today. It's become quite obvious to me, in a short time, that this is a community of pet lovers.

Hopefully, this lovely video (admittedly, I'm a bit biased) will bring a smile to your face.

This video is a tribute to our, and all this community's pets, past and present. Please, everyone feel free to take this opportunity to honor your precious pets, in any way that you'd like to. (Tributes, videos, pictures, etc.)

So, on behalf of me and Mr. Alexa, I would like to dedicate this video to all of our pets:

Mickey, Lucky, Panda, Yogi, Misty, Chena, Mollie, Murphee, Bailey (Dogs) and Pepe, Bubba, JC, and Petey (Birds). Read below the fold...

Halloween Cat

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Biden Demonstrates The "Art of Evasion" When Asked About Raising The Medicare Eligibility Age (VP Debate)

Wow! An object lesson in "evasion."

Here's an excerpt from, and link to the NPR transcript from the Vice Presidential Debate:

MS. RADDATZ: Vice President Biden, let me ask you, if it could help solve the problem, why not very slowly raise the Medicare eligibility age by two years, as Congressman Ryan suggests?
Read below the fold...

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Bobby Jindal reads Corrente?

...well, probably not. But this certainly caught my eye.

The Republican National Committee hosted a conference call on Friday morning, with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) criticizing the Supreme Court's decision and vowing to continue to oppose Obamacare.

Read below the fold...

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