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This for the tactic in the Republican playbbook, not when we change the subject.

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Charlie Wilson has died at 76


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Rest in peace, Charlie Wilson.

He represented Texas -- which is more than can be said of most of those who say they do so now, either in Austin or in DC.

Although he was not a perfect politician, and although some of the things he worked hardest for ultimately didn't go the way he hoped, Read more about Charlie Wilson has died at 76

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Elegy for Howard

(Having Boeing Lobbyist-Mike Lux-writing a remembrance for Howard Zinn on his access blog was just too much. Some kind of retaliation is necessary, so here goes. Comments appreciated.)

An Elegy for Howard

The gorgeous four part harmonies pour forth from the Democracy Now! live webstream. Howard Zinn is dead and Samuel Barber's Elegy seems to tug at the same heart strings which attached us to Howard.

And it stands to reason that it does.

For it was the Adagio movement from Barber's String Quartet in it's arrangement for orchestral strings which was performed at funeral services for FDR and some of the same feelings of loss and gratitude felt by millions on that day are part of the mixture of emotions which we feel for Howard. Read more about Elegy for Howard

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We Should Meet Up

I was reading Susie's link to this article on how social networking 'ruined the internet,' and was struck by this passage:

And as for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc, we can hardly tell you anything you haven't discovered yourself. You have XXX friends; you have XX invitations; so-and-so likes this; view all X comments. These are wonderful tools for shut-ins, of which they have made us all.

And found this observation correlated by the commenter at Susie's post, who notes that: Read more about We Should Meet Up

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Five Fabulous Divas of Christmas

Okay, I know I'm a Joooo and all, but gosh darnit, I just LOVE Christmas music. So, for all you folks out there who are celebrating Christmas today, and for those like me who aren't, but who enjoy great music anyway, this is for you! Merry Christmas!


Barbra: Read more about Five Fabulous Divas of Christmas

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Bill White is in

Since there have been occasional posts here about Texas politics, I thought I'd drop some very recent and very big news: Bill White, the Mayor of Houston, is running for governor. He just announced this afternoon, switching gears from his previous plan to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison's vacated Senate seat. In a related story, Hank Gilbert is leaving the governor's race to run for Agricultural Commissioner, the office he ran for in 2006. Read more about Bill White is in

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Garbage can potatoes, boom or bust?

On our first non rainy day for two weeks or so I went out back and dumped out my three garbage cans used for potato plantings.
I dug out the half can of straw and down into the dirt and about 3/4 of the way down I was pleased to discover there were actually some potatoes. Don't know why I was dumb enough to think the whole can would be full of them, but I was discouraged then amazed when they showed up at all. So, my $35 investment produced about 3 lbs of potatoes. Does it bother me? Surprisingly, no. It was like digging in the dirt and finding a diamond ring. Read more about Garbage can potatoes, boom or bust?

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Khalid Sheik Mohammed to Stand Civilian Trial in New York

The man who claimed to be the 11 Sep 01 strike "mastermind" will go to trial in New York, according to today's NYT. Steps toward keeping the promise to close Gitmo within a year appear to be continuing, despite delays caused by the uproar over what to do with detainees.

Read more about Khalid Sheik Mohammed to Stand Civilian Trial in New York

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Indian National Parks: America's most brutal idea

Ken Bern's America's National Parks just finished a week long run. The parks are either beautiful or important, The parks were established on Indian land and the Indians living there for millennia were evicted, discarded like old shoes. The parks were not discovered by us; the Indians knew about them and respected them.

Aren't we beautiful and moral people? We can tell evryone how to behave. Read more about Indian National Parks: America's most brutal idea

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2-1: the run, the defense, and a hometown win


Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis

Tony Romo dodges Tyler Brayton in the second quarter as the Carolina Panthers play the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tx., Monday, Sept. 28, 2009. Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis.

It's Tuesday, and I'm with Tony Romo. This week's better than last week.

It ended like this: Read more about 2-1: the run, the defense, and a hometown win

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Down by the Border


Swine flu is still a deadly disease, although as a pandemic it's not as virulent as the avian flu. Still, people are trying to sanitize their personal universes in response ... Read more about Down by the Border

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That's One: Cowboys 34, Bucs 21


Wide receiver Miles Austin, right, slips a tackle from Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Jermaine Phillips (23) before scoring a touchdown in the second quarter. AP Photo

It remains to be seen tomorrow night how Terrell Owens' first game as a Buffalo Bill will go, but the Dallas Cowboys' season opener decisively underlined the benefit of having him out of their locker room. Read more about That's One: Cowboys 34, Bucs 21

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California's Burning, Again

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LubbockLeft Posts Extensive Video of Neugebauer Town Hall

And I missed it, but you don't have to -- go check out community coverage! There are seven parts and they're also posted at YouTube. Read more about LubbockLeft Posts Extensive Video of Neugebauer Town Hall

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TARP banks pay back some loans: Treasury reaps some profits

In news you may not have heard yet: Some big banks and some not-so-big banks are repaying their bailout money, and the US Treasury is actually seeing a profit.

“The taxpayers want their money back and they want the government out of our banking system,” Representative Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican and a member of the Congressional Oversight Panel examining the relief program, said in an interview.

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What in the world's happened to Steve Inskeep?

Nice Polite Republicans being the on-air home of Cokie Roberts and David Brooks, I've started sleeping through Morning Edition. But this week something strange has happened. Partial transcripts of a couple of NPR interviews by Steve Inskeep as proof:


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