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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Supplemental private insurance emerges to cover the high out-of-pocket costs of ObamaCare's insurance

I suppose I should have predicted this:

As out-of-pocket medical costs grow for many Americans, the insurance industry is offering a way to help and, at the same time, expand its business: by selling supplemental policies that may fill the gaps for consumers.

The policies are promoted as helping cover out-of-pocket expenses that can reach thousands of dollars in plans offered by employers and the health law’s online marketplace.

"These supplemental health products have been recently — and we believe will be in the future — one of the fastest growing components of the employer benefits market," said Todd Katz, an executive vice president with MetLife.

Some experts, however, see risk for policyholders in the lightly regulated plans, which tend to be highly profitable for insurers and might be mistaken for more generous coverage.

Just when you think the hilarity can't get more intense, eh? ObamaCare not only guarantees the health insurance parasites a market, it's so poorly designed -- or so well designed -- that it opens up whole new markets for them! You can insure yourself against ObamaCare's crappy policies if you buy a second, additional, crappy policy! It's GENIUS!! Only a satirist of, say, Jonathan Swift's calibre could come up with an appropriate response. But wait! He did! Read below the fold...

ObamaCare Clusterfuck: It all depends on the meaning of "official office"

A sadly hilarious tale of ObamaCare's incredibly sloppy drafting. Apparently the "What about the staffers?!" permathread is never ending;* WaPo:

The law requires members of Congress and at least some staffers to leave the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program and join the health-care exchanges. ...

The other contentious issue is that some congressional staff members are able to stay in the federal health plan. Boehner (R-Ohio), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have all designated all of their staffs to join the exchanges. So did many other leaders in the Senate and the House. But Reid kept his leadership staff on the federal plan, explaining that he was following the law. Does that mean the others are not following the law? ...

Our story starts with an amendment from Charles Grassley and what happened to it: Read below the fold...

History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes

It's kinda sweetly sad and funny to see a new generation of Democrats* inventing new terms of abuse for Republicans, spreading memes, and generally figuring out how to do strategic hate management in their own social circles.

Because the "left" blogosphere did EXACTLY that in 2003 -2006? And what did we get for it? Squat.

We got Pelosi in 2006, who immediately took impeachment off the table (not to mention hushing up the Mark "Can you measure for me?" Foley page scandal, even though Foley was a Republican. And then we got Obama's "hope and change" bait and switch, and an administration well to the right of Eisenhower that thinks Reagan had a lot of good ideas. Read below the fold...

ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Manual workarounds" now in project scope for CT exchange, as Obama's PR move on the 3-page form caused delay

What I have been seeing, trying to do Kreminology on ObamaCare's bizarrely secretive implementation, is project managers frantically triaging requirements to get something, anything, out the door; see Colorado, for example. Turns out, and as usual, I haven't been nearly cynical enough. Read below the fold...

Insufferable Hype & Egotism: BOTH Lincoln’s & MLK’s Bibles?

I know what Lincoln and MLK will be doing on Obama’s inauguration day.

Rolling over in their graves.

I’ll once again be fighting the urge to vomit.

Obama’s cynicism, hypocrisy and egotism really are insufferable. One bible isn’t enough for the “wonder boy” -- and he is a boy in all his arrested emotional development.

He has to have both Lincoln’s and MLK’s bibles?

Methinks thou art selling thyself too pathetically and shamelessly hard, Barack! Read below the fold...

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'Dismal' Prospects': 1 in 2 Americans Are Now Poor Or Low Income

'Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California'
Photo Credit: 'Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California" [1936], National Media Museum's Photostream, Flickr

Frightening, eh? Just think--literally every other person that you and I lay eyes on are not members of the much-vaunted "Middle Class," to which politicians on both sides of the isle incessantly pander.

I still cannot believe how little 'press' the AP piece below, on the 2010 US Census Bureau Statistics, got when it was published just over a year ago. I forget when and where I first saw this piece, although I posted it on several blogs. I apologize that it is dated, but the content is not of any lesser significance, in my opinion. Read below the fold...

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Letter to the Editor: Feel Free To Borrow and Rewrite [Revised]

The LA Times editor says they are publishing this letter, so I'm posting it in case anyone else may want to send something like it to their paper. Feel free to rewrite, improve, expand, whatever you like. But as Ralphbon notes in the comments below, cut-and-paste copying is probably not the best idea. If it starts looking like a form letter, it'll be trashed.

The Times only accepts pieces under 150 words, so this one is short. It's in response to an editorial entitled "Debt and Taxes in DC."

And here's the letter:

RE: Debt & Taxes in DC (9 November, 2012)

We, the Enemies?

Read below the fold...
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Video and Transcript From President Obama's "Fiscal Cliff" Speech (11/09/12)--Please Put In Your "Two Cents" [2nd Revision]


Grand Bargain Watch - Save Social Security
Grand Bargain Watch -- Save Social Security
DonkeyHotey photostream, flickr

Here's a link to the video of President Obama On The Economy And The Deficit [November 9, 2012]. Read below the fold...

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Pre-election musical blogging: Bonzo Dog Band edition

REMEMBER: No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. Read below the fold...

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Senatorial Candidate Pledges to Join Gang of Six (Eight?) If He Wins

Gang of Six - Cartoon
Gang of Six -- Cartoon, DonkeyHotey's photostream,

Dateline: 17 October 2012, Blacksburg, Virginia. Read below the fold...

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Facebook to New Yorker: No Can Haz (Girl) Nipples!

Someone at Facebook temporarily banned New Yorker magazine for violating the "Nudity and Sex" standards. The problem: a cartoon that used two dots to represent female nipples.

The scandalous pencil dots are the subject of a follow-up blog post -- "Nipplegate" -- from the cartoon editor, a not-to-be missed gem. Read below the fold...

Of course Obama lied about supporting an assault weapons ban in 2008

Because he lies about everything. Anyhow, just for the record, from CQ in mail:

Obama was a gun control advocate as a state legislator and an Illinois senator. As a candidate four years ago he called for reinstating the assault weapons ban, and after Giffords was almost gunned down last year he promised to propose legislation that would “keep those irresponsible, law-breaking few from getting their hands on a gun in the first place.” But he has never fulfilled that promise, and yesterday the White House made abundantly clear that no such proposal was coming.

Read below the fold...
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This Isn't Going To End Well

Remember those 30 years you spent working at a job you didn't like all that much so that you'd be able to retire one day? Sorry about that. The states' public employee retirement and health care funds are in the hole by nearly $1.4 trillion -- with a T. Read below the fold...


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