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HaHaHaHa! BIO is WRONG! HaHaHaHa!

Recently in some comments, the old, doddering DFH commenter known here as Bring It On was whining about his overly cautious concern and discomfort with New Ideas, again, and telling younger, prettier people like me that We Wuz Wrong, and our newfangled notions about garden beds were Dangerous to America. Now, he's always saying something similar about my political ideas, but rarely do I get a chance to not only know I'm right and he's wrong, but prove it with photos. Read more about HaHaHaHa! BIO is WRONG! HaHaHaHa!

Your band sucks

[Welcome Matt Stoller (!!) readers. Via Susie.]

[Welcome, Agonist readers!]

[Chris "Squishy Fix" Bowers endorsed Stoller's post (below). Check it out. Please tell me this is parody! I'll retract, I'll do the walk of shame, but please tell me this is parody!**] Read more about Your band sucks

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Where do(did) your kids go to school?

For my mere support of Hillary Clinton, I have been called a racist, more times than I can count. One of the refuges I have found in this crazy blogosphere, has been Anglachel's Journal.

In her post today, she touches on a subject very close to me.

She asks of the "creative class", Where Do Your Kids Go To School? Read more about Where do(did) your kids go to school?

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MI & FL delegate reinstatement process staggers forward – no thanks to voters

The Democratic voters of Michigan and Florida are unhappy, or so we read. They, or if you will, their representatives, moved up their primary dates and drew a punishment from the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee. Since then, what have the voters of Michigan and Florida actually done to try and reverse or repair their problem? Nothing but complain. Read more about MI & FL delegate reinstatement process staggers forward – no thanks to voters

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Singing Songs to His One, True Love

Orrin Hatch has written a song for McCain. It's shallow and vapid, you can read the lyrics and barf here. But what's really priceless is Tweety's reaction after playing a snippet on Hardball:

I will be singing it on the pillow tonight.

I bet he will.

Obama may send a thrill up their legs (although that's more about beating Clinton), but at night it's McCain they dream about.

h/t Avedon Read more about Singing Songs to His One, True Love

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This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Kool-aid.

PocketNines's diary:

So listen up, I am going to make this easy for you. Do not screw this up. Use the three obvious points, and use concrete examples, which I have helpfully provided for you. If you do not say these three things, you are a total failure as a surrogate.

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Psst! It's Almost Over!


pops up head, prairie dog-like

Just peeping in here before hitting the beds (I'm helping out an elderly neighbor today with his yard) to say that it's almost over. Soon the Village will be making up shit about some other laughable aspect of our kleptocracy, and we won't all be shouting at each other anymore. I hope. Anyway, see you soon. And get outside, durnit! In these parts the sun is a-shinin' and I'd be a fool not to be in it. Read more about Psst! It's Almost Over!

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Monica? Bill? Who are they?

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Clinton Derangement Syndrome Claims Another Victim

Fauxgressive Randi Rhodes has resigned from Air America radio.

Via Shakesville:

A source at Air America, who asked to remain anonymous, said,

"Randi Rhodes refused to apologize for her obscene comments and has chosen instead to terminate her relationship with Air America."

Now she decides to have principles.

Randi needs to learn that the right to say something doesn't make what you say right. Read more about Clinton Derangement Syndrome Claims Another Victim

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I don't get it.


Can someone explain this to me?

According to Tweety & the Gang, it's no big deal for David Bellavia to compare Barack Obama to Tiger Woods, because Tiger is a great golfer.

But when Bill Clinton compared Barack Obama's win in South Carolina to the earlier victories in South Carolina by Jesse Jackson, it was vile racism. Read more about I don't get it.

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Liar, Liar, Pant(suit) on Fire!

The New York Times and the GOS Hardy Boys are on the case, proving . . . something.

Hillary has been telling a story about an anonymous pregnant woman in Ohio who died (along with her child) because she couldn't afford healthcare. The alleged hospital, previously anonymous, came forward to deny liability and to breach patient confidentiality.

From today's NYT's:: Read more about Liar, Liar, Pant(suit) on Fire!

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Today is my birthday


I'm 48 years old. I was born when Eisenhower was still President.

The kids today have no idea what I've seen.

One of my earliest memories was JFK's assassination. I was three, and I remember I couldn't understand why if JFK was dead (gone to Heaven) he was still on television.

I remember Vietnam and the turbulence of the Sixties from nightly television, but not from daily life. I saw riots on television, but I never attended one.

I remember getting up for school one morning and my mom telling me that Martin Luther King had been killed. I kind of understood who he was and knew it was significant.

Two months later I woke up to find out Bobby Kennedy had been murdered too. Five years, three leaders murdered. Read more about Today is my birthday

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Did Senator Clinton Find Our (Unity) Pony?

Yes, the Unity Pony is on back order for a reason...

*apologies for the quality - I had to edit out the MSNBC "commentary" Read more about Did Senator Clinton Find Our (Unity) Pony?


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