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Gangbangers for Obama (a parody)

"By the way, when I get collect calls from prison and the like (I get wa-a-ay too many for the health of my phone bill), lately I always ask the guys who of the three candidates they prefer. Most (but not all), say Barack Obama."

"Journalist" and professional Obama shill, Celeste Fremon, writing in the comments section (#77) on her blog.

I mean this story pretty much writes itself...


By Calloussed Fremon Read more about Gangbangers for Obama (a parody)

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Got inner turmoil?


skdadl at pogge reminds us that certain parties regularly get away with spinning their regular wrongitude into a larger, more noble narrative of rightness.  And that those who were right never get the credit for it. Read more about Got inner turmoil?

Political Psychology: Obama, Sexism, and the Infantile Id

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Who Obama supported for Mayor

So this is the guy that Obama supported as Mayor

Any choice is a better choice than Obama dudes. Read more about Who Obama supported for Mayor

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America declared Misogynistic

Elton John says so!][IMG]http://www.mi...
on another note
Caroline Kennedy to lead "women from Obama rally", she is going to be handing out the cutesy Obama buttons "Hot Chicks dig Obama"

I'll keep my own free stickers thanks

Oh I'll take a few dozen one for all my friends. Read more about America declared Misogynistic

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Winner Take All

Rasmussen shows us what we would have if we had a winner take all-based system in two scenarios.

1. Winner Take All (not including MI or FL):
Clinton: 1427
Obama: 1260

Still to come: 566 delegates. Read more about Winner Take All

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Adventures of an Alternate Delegate

"I am not a member of an organized political party," Will Rogers famously said, "I'm a Democrat."

Boy was he right.

There were more than 750 delegates present for the Democratic County Convention in Lubbock County, Texas today. By the time they handed the (new) gavel over to the incoming county party chair at 8 p.m., maybe 250 remained in the building. Read more about Adventures of an Alternate Delegate

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Deep Thought of the Day

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Introduction to 'Complexity Economics': Wherein A.Citizen discovers that his'Theory of Pie' turns out to be valid!


I finally finished The Origin of Wealth by Eric D. Beinhocker. It will soon be available in our Brain Food section.Why did I read this book? Well, Matt Stoller mentioned it at OpenLeft and I thought it sounded interesting. And was it ever! Thanks Matt for the tip.

Many of you have heard my 'Theory of Pie' as it applies to differentiating between progressives and 'conservatives', at least if you came to the meetings you would have. It goes like this: Read more about Introduction to 'Complexity Economics': Wherein A.Citizen discovers that his'Theory of Pie' turns out to be valid!

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Thursday Deep Thoughts

So reading some email discussions, I was reminded of the old DFH saying: the first person at the meeting to suggest violence is the plant. Time-tested, that one is. Just sayin.

Meanwhile, Terrance rants well about getting our pols to say no to more Jesusjuice in public discourse.

I hate it when I have to truncate blogging for drudgery, don't you? Have a good one, peeps. Read more about Thursday Deep Thoughts

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Dr. Dipak Desai; or why we need trial lawyers

Maya at Suburban Guerrilla

This guy in Vegas exposes countless people to disease by ordering the reuse of needles at his clinic and the best he can do is sympathy? I cannot even conceive of any punishment bad enough to make justice.

Review Journal Letters to the Editor

Not long ago, an organization named Keep Our Doctors in Nevada pressured the Legislature into an emergency session and persuaded Nevada citizens to vote for medical malpractice protection, all in the name of a phony "medical malpractice crisis."

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Busted Part Deux

Wow. Goeglein was fired from his job at the White House too. Oh, excuse me, he "resigned" but we all know what really happened, don't we?

I think it's been a rather bad day for him. As you'd expect, I wholeheartedly agree that plagiarism should have serious consequences. I just didn't realize that the Bush White House would actually levy them against someone serving in Bush's office. Read more about Busted Part Deux


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