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Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day. Veterans of wars are heard on the radio, many of them are veterans of the Iraq war. We are supposed to honor the soldiers, their families scarifies and honor the dead. But then you remember that most soldiers don’t go to college and come home to blue collar jobs.

The new Democratic Party does need these soldiers. It says to them get lost. We are now the party of the fortunate that don’t need to go to war.

Dear soldiers, just line up to be thrown under the bus with many other the new Democratic Party does need anymore. Read more about Memorial Day

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Change You Can Parrot


After extensive audio-visual analysis and comparisons to old films archived in the labyrinthine bowels of the Mighty Corrente Building, we're going on the record to reveal that Barack Obama's top campaign official, David Axelrod, has been quietly replaced by Smokey the Parrot.

Judge for yourself with this footage from today's press conference in Montana:

The Obama camp has yet to issue an official explanation, but an anonymous source assured us that the crackers and newspaper will be funded entirely by small private donors.

UPDATE: The Obama camp has blamed the odd appearance and behavior of their spokesman on a "microphone malfunction"; apparently, unable to hear the questions from the assembled reporters, David Axelrod began reading from Senator Obama's prepared remarks for tomorrow's scheduled rally in South Dakota. To back up their claims, Obama '08 cites the voice of David Gregory saying "Hello? Hello?" at 13 seconds. The veteran reporter's questions were, unfortunately, drowned out by the chorus of kissing noises from the rest of the Washington press corps. Read more about Change You Can Parrot

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So someone put up a link to this graph and my jaw fucking dropped. I thought, OK- you're no economist. Ask one what this means. This is the email I just got:
Read more about Insolvent

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Future History: The Dollar, Oil, and Progressivism

So busy. And so bitchy! That's me. I'm an evil bitch; trust me it's true. And thus you shouldn't ever listen to me. Still, something woke me up this morning faster than the coffee.


I'm not going to make the claim that I know this graphic to be absolutely true. But it rings true, to my mind. Via the comments in this post. Which you need to read, all the way thru. SN is spot on in this point:

Powerful forces want to keep society in its current shape. For good reason, there is not only physical capital, but the doctrine of incorporation to contend with: we become physically the shapes and habits that they live.
Moses never reached the promised land, and there is a desert to cross to take this generation out of the desert and into the land of milk and honey. Either we will face a reactionary century, or a new, progressive century, there is no third choice.

I guess that's really been my problem with HRC and BHO supporters all along. And I'll even admit that my guy would've hardly been better, perhaps a little, perhaps not. Read more about Future History: The Dollar, Oil, and Progressivism

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To The Co-Conspirators Go The Spoils


Surprise! Verizon and AT&T Win Homeland Security Contracts.

Verizon Business, a unit of No. 2 U.S. telephone service provider Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N), said on Wednesday it has won a contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security worth around $678.5 million over 10 years.

AT&T Government Solutions, a business unit of AT&T Inc (T.N), won a $292 million contract to serve as the secondary network service provider in the Eastern and Western region.

And nothing for Quest. Read more about To The Co-Conspirators Go The Spoils

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All things To All People

This New York Times article about Barack Obama is a must read. It's so full of interesting topics I am breaking it into parts.

In tommorrow's NYT: Read more about All things To All People

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Calling My Shot

Good afternoon.  Happy Friday.

First post, yay!*

One steps away, another steps in.

It's been a wild week.**   Emotions are running high.  The spin is coming from all angles.*** Read more about Calling My Shot

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Resistance is Futile!

Sez Booman, it's really not that bad once you learn to submit:

Barack Obama knew better than to rely on the existing infrastructure, created by the blogosphere, to fight back against the Bush administration and the media. We are too stridently partisan to be messengers of a new kind of politics. He had to step around the gatekeepers of the blogosphere, much to their chagrin. Barack Obama's greatest accomplishment is the organization that he created. He used our tools and his own message. And he won. He could not have won any other way. And that makes him both our greatest representative, and someone who doesn't really need us at all. All of you should go join up on his website and meet your neighbors that are supporting him, and get organized. For presidential stuff, there is no reason to use the blogosphere at all. Use Obama's own tools.

Dear God. I've held back on the Obama cult accusations for a while now; many of my friends and family support him. But Booman... wtf? I don't even know where to begin with this. It is the Borg. No, wait, it's the Heaven's Gate cultists leaving behind their earthly bodies to merge with the higher consciousness.

Actually, I've got it! It's like in the Matrix, where the humans created the machines and then after they fought it out the machines kept the humans alive as tiny generators, feeding them the liquified remains of their brethren.

Not because they had to. Not because we even deserved it, as strident and partisan as we were. But because they're merciful!

So, come on, everyone. Leave your individual thoughts behind. Take the blue pill and relax. Ignorance is bliss!

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Hating Obama as a carrier for right wing ideology


The problem with the DLC
Submitted by lambert on Sat, 2008-05-03 21:45.

Is that it’s an institution that the Obama Movement doesn’t control. Period. That’s all it is. That’s why Kos has a problem with it too.

And then:

DLC loses tax exempt status
Submitted by lambert on Sat, 2006-09-16 20:09.


It couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd of Bush enablers. Although silly Forbes still thinks the DLC are Democrats:

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Oh Archie!


I was reading one too many references to "Archie Bunkers" when it occurred to me that Archie is getting a bad rap.

Yeah, Archie was a bigot in 1971 when "All in the Family" went on the air, but he changed over the years.

From Wikipedia: Read more about Oh Archie!

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Another look at "Destiny's Child"

Last year Rolling Stone magazine published an article about Barack Obama called "Destiny's Child" by Ben Wallace-Wells. The story deserves a second look, because at the time Obama was a virtual unknown to most of the public.

The piece begins with Obama's arrival in Washington D.C., then shifts to his meteoric rise in the Democratic party: Read more about Another look at "Destiny's Child"

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When You Go All In

How did the Unity Pony become the most divisive Democratic Politician in recent history? The Scary Smart One explains: Read more about When You Go All In

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Kos on Obama on Fox News Sunday


Kos put up a diary today,, where he laments about his candidate's performance on Fox News Sunday.

Sorry Kos, you can only go to the primaries with the Obama you have, rather than the one you wished you had. Read more about Kos on Obama on Fox News Sunday

Gangbangers for Obama (a parody)

"By the way, when I get collect calls from prison and the like (I get wa-a-ay too many for the health of my phone bill), lately I always ask the guys who of the three candidates they prefer. Most (but not all), say Barack Obama."

"Journalist" and professional Obama shill, Celeste Fremon, writing in the comments section (#77) on her blog.

I mean this story pretty much writes itself...


By Calloussed Fremon Read more about Gangbangers for Obama (a parody)


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