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The Ronald Reagan We Remember, And Not So Fondly


It would take an entire library to move the mountain of fake history spun around the life and career of Ronald Reagan by now. Sometimes only a cartoon can approach the truth.

Aaron McGruder, in this intro to a Boondocks episode of a couple years ago, comes as close to capturing a piece of the mean and nasty spirit of the Gipper as anybody ever will.

Why, oh why, can't we have a better press corp?


With Cairo in flames, a member of the White House press corp asks a question about the reporting structure involving the next White House press secretary. "Will the new press secretary have your office?" is an actual question.

Shocker! Read more about Why, oh why, can't we have a better press corp?

NEJM on the constitutionality of the mandate

A word about the question: "Is it Constitutional?" One answer to this question is: "We won't know until the Supreme Court tells us what the law is." But there's no reason, after Scalia skewed the nomination process his way in Bush v. Gore, to regard the Supreme Court as anything other than another gaggle of lawyers with abnormally large briefcases. Read more about NEJM on the constitutionality of the mandate

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Philadelphia Weekly: 'Third-party candidates emerge as champions of the working-class'


From Philadelphia Weekly (read the whole article here):

Hugh Giordano, a 26-year-old, Roxborough native and food workers’ union organizer for UFCW Local 152, ran on the Green Party ticket against Democrat Lou Agre for a seat in the 194th. He lost, but garnered 18 percent of the vote (23 percent in Philly)—an unprecedented number for a third-party candidate. He may have his district’s attention, but Giordano and the Green Party of Philadelphia want everyone to know that when it comes to the ballot, three isn’t a crowd. What’s more, they’ve got heavy union support—typically an automatic vote for Democrats—to help them.

Agent of the Unknown


Book Summary of Agent Of The Unknown

Don Haig had been content to lie around and drink in the synthetic beauty of the pleasure planetoid Fyon, until a woman came into his life. A woman more beautiful and more perfect than any other female in the galaxy. A woman who brought about a curious change in Don.

For she was a pocket-sized doll -- a very strange and miraculous puppet who shed constant tears and held powers that Don never even dreamed of.

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No, not zombie lies, or OFB zombies. But related.

Because of Stirling's recent (and very interesting) post on torture-economy, this post over at the Global Sociology Blog caught my eye:

The Culture of Poverty and Zombies Read more about Zombies!

Why Don't You Two Get A Room?

I've been watching these two flirting while pretending not to flirt since about 2002. The elephant would watch the donkey all the time, and the donkey would watch back, while they pretended to hate each others' guts. The donkey would pretend not to give a shit -- not speaking to him, not returning his calls, but the whole time she'd look for excuses to be around while the elephant was in the room. It got to be pretty annoying after a while -- the donkey would be flirting her ass off, and the whole time saying it was nothing, just a little bipartisanship, all in a spirit of compromise. Read more about Why Don't You Two Get A Room?

Blast From Yer Past: "There IS A Difference"

(This one's a bit of an "oldie", as it was done in April of '08, to be made into stickers for plastering on the streets during the party convention protests, but it's still apropos to the current mid-term fracas.) Read more about Blast From Yer Past: "There IS A Difference"

The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Creation of Terrorists is a Deliberate Goal to Justify and Promote New-World-Order Global Domination

I have too readily embraced the notion, as I did with the Bushco regime, that this country is being led by macho, narcissistic, addicted-to-power, patriarchal nincompoops unwittingly generating massive chaos and destruction.

The macho, narcissistic, addicted-to-power, patriarchal part is right. And there are nincompoops and sycophant, amoral cronies enabling their asses off at the upper levels of power. But I and the rest of us should at all times apply the savvy Naomi Klein’s “shock and awe” theory to the continuing, seemingly unsuccessful nightmares resulting in global U.S. military policies. We need to exit the fog of spiritual and intellectual confusion to rally against bottom-line and insane evil. Read more about The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Creation of Terrorists is a Deliberate Goal to Justify and Promote New-World-Order Global Domination

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Why Don't You Believe?


I probably won't be able to blog much tomorrow, so this is premature Sunday Atheism blogging. But if you are a non-believer, why is that? What made you decide to shed your faith, or why haven't you ever adopted one? We've done this kind of posting here at Corrente before, but I'm trying to be a viral-slut here, and pick up some of the confessory energy of the IGB project. It's time to Come Out, atheists. Over and over again, if necessary. Read more about Why Don't You Believe?

Graf of the day

(Actually it's from Sunday.) Jerome Armstrong, at the end of his MyDD post Obama the neo-con, sums up teh O Man as briefly as could be:

Obama is like a middle-late inning relief-specialist pitcher. He's brought out to gun down the lefty, then sent back to the pen.

'nuff said. Read more about Graf of the day

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7 more weeks until Nov 2nd


Warren Mosler

The election is November 2.

All contributions I receive are used to promote my message above and beyond what I was going to spend anyway.

And, in a recent development, the actual number of people donating is suddenly a criterion to get into the televised debates.

For that purpose a $25 donation counts the same as a $2,400 donation which is the max allowed. Read more about 7 more weeks until Nov 2nd


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