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Enforcer State, Enforcer Taste

10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants

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Opening narrative:

Living in Eden has its advantages
As a marginalized member of a spectator democracy
You choose your own dependencies
Lust, hate, blood, love
Don't think of it as manufactured consent
Think of it as the candy everybody wants

I went off TV stone cold about a week after my first viewing. Read more about Enforcer State, Enforcer Taste

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Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

When Proposition 8 was overturned, many of us in the lefty blogosphere rejoiced. But Obama? He's, like, totally bummin', dudez.

President Obama remains opposed to same-sex marriage despite a federal judge's decision to strike down a ban on such marriages, a top White House adviser said Thursday.

Senior adviser David Axelrod said the president supports "equality" for gay and lesbian couples, but did not address directly Obama's position on Wednesday's court ruling, which struck down as unconstitutional California's Proposition 8, a 2008 ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in the state.

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Oh No, MoDo!


Everyone in the universe has now weighed in on the Shirley Sherrod situation, which means that of course, our dearest MoDo must not be left out. Clash, bang, bam! Let the tone-deafness begin!

The Obama White House is too white.

It has Barack Obama, raised in the Hawaiian hood and Indonesia, and Valerie Jarrett, who spent her early years in Iran.

But unlike Bill Clinton, who never needed help fathoming Southern black culture, Obama lacks advisers who are descended from the central African-American experience, ones who understand “the slave thing,” as a top black Democrat dryly puts it.

Call Your Congressperson -- VOTE NO on War Funding, NO on Troops in Pakistan!!!!

From Campaign for Peace and Democracy in an email:

Dear friend of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,

U.S. intervention in Afghanistan is facing increasing challenge, and this week's dramatic Wikileaks revelations -- the biggest U.S. war expose since Dan Ellsberg's Pentagon papers -- make it all the more difficult for Congress to keep funding this horrific war. It is an important moment for all of us who want immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to raise our voices.

Restrepo: Gratuitous PTSD from Afghan Hamburger Hill

Troops ream Afghan elders,
“Stop Taliban-money kills!"
OUR soldiers kill, why?

We never find out from this movie. We never hear any of them ask, either.

Fly-on-the-wall, or rather, on-the-craggy-rock-surface reality.

I appreciated this film. The filmmakers risked their lives, the same way the soldiers were risking theirs. I can understand the risk, admittedly monstrously awesome, the movie makers took for their art. As for the soldiers risking their lives over there? I have more trouble fathoming the soldiers’ risk (aside from authoritarian-following, trapped within the military matrix, betrayed by the ruling class rat bastards of the United States reasons. Excuse my French.) Read more about Restrepo: Gratuitous PTSD from Afghan Hamburger Hill

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Favoring the insane


Anthony McCarthy makes a lot of sense:

The choice is between many people having a decent life and a small number of the criminally insane stealing and hoarding most of it. Our political, legal and cultural orthodoxy favors the insane, we have to change that.

Cluster Bombs: Not as Sexy as Drones, But Still Doing Heckuva Job Killing & Maiming (along with Munitions Profitmaking)!

Yemen. Where the US is NOT even “illegally” and “pre-emptively” at war! 35 women and children were killed during a US attack on an alleged al Qaeda hideout on December 17th Amnesty International revealed. According to Ramzy Baroud attempts were made to hide the story but the high number of casualties made that impossible for the Yemen government. It is the highest loss of human life from a single attack in this country thus far. (Does Ripley's have a "collateral damage" category? Anyone know?)

Cluster munitions, especially in civilian areas, are an atrocity, whether Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon or Afghanistan!

According to Bazoud: Read more about Cluster Bombs: Not as Sexy as Drones, But Still Doing Heckuva Job Killing & Maiming (along with Munitions Profitmaking)!

Tom Engelhardt: Demon Drones & War Without Borders, Conscience, Law, Effort or Courage

They don't get hungry. They are not afraid. They don't forget their orders. They don't care if the guy next to them has been shot. Will they do a better job than humans? Yes.

(They also don’t commit suicide, desert, suffer PTSD, become conscientious objectors, protest, talk to Rolling Stone or send embarrassing videos to Wikileaks!)

The above non-parenthetical remarks were made by Gordon Johnson of the Pentagon Joint Forces Command bragging about America’s efficient, stealthy and deadly “wonder weapon”, the drone. I came across a troubling and enlightening article about drones by Tom Engelhardt. Engelhardt observes: Read more about Tom Engelhardt: Demon Drones & War Without Borders, Conscience, Law, Effort or Courage

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Why the Fiscal Commission Does Not Serve the American People



James K. Galbraith

Cross-posted from New Deal 2.0.

President Obama and his economic team face a daunting challenge: how to deliver economic growth they know can only come from deficit spending, while deferring into the future the "fiscal consolidation" which is being pressed on them by practically everyone, from Peter G. Peterson to Angela Merkel. Read more about Why the Fiscal Commission Does Not Serve the American People

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Oil Fail: My Little Experiment...

I have this bucket that I fill with water for hand watering small fruits and other things in my yard. Tuesday, I still had a gallon or two of water in it when I was done. I just left it in there. Thursday, I came home, and was getting ready to re-fill it, when I noticed the rainbow sheen of oil.

I dumped out the water, cleaned it out with dish detergent, rinsed it thoroughly, re-filled it, did my watering, and purposefully re-filled it with a couple of gallons of fresh water. Last night, I made sure there was no oily sheen there. Read more about Oil Fail: My Little Experiment...

Comment of the Day


Over at DU, no less (assessing Arne Duncan's education deform):

zenprole (142 posts)

Response to Original message

41. Back To Basics

A friend has a Lehman Brothers document from the mid-1990's discussing the opportunities in getting into the education "market" and relieving the public of all that cash. Matt Taibbi's priceless quote about business jamming its "blood funnel into anything that smells like money" always applies, but there's more.

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Off shore drilling, business as usual


Obama officials still approving flawed Gulf drilling plan

The Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service has signed off on at least five new offshore drilling projects since June 2, when the agency's acting director announced tougher safety regulations for drilling in the Gulf, a McClatchy review of public records has discovered.

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Definitely Hoover


In early December, I asked whether President Obama would choose to be more like Hoover, or more like FDR. Well, I guess it's definitely Hoover. Read more about Definitely Hoover

Obama-Drones Transforming al Qaeda from an Organization to a "Mid-East Mentality"

It's a three-way tie, the "Captains of the Titanic" award for 2010: BP CEO Tony Hayward, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and President Barack Obama. I intend to focus on the third, this round, but let me just vent in general for a sec.

It's been a hell of a month -- a hell of a week -- for what Rachel Maddow calls our "ethical freak show of a universe." Avarice, violence, amorality are destroying person-kind as well as our fellow non-human creatures, as well as our environment. We lack global leaders right now who can take responsibility – the ability to respond – to the profound crises of our time. Is there a bigger word for crises? Disasters? Calamities?

Just when we think circumstances can't get any more dire, they do. Read more about Obama-Drones Transforming al Qaeda from an Organization to a "Mid-East Mentality"

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Another engineer suggests inserting something inflatable into the leak to stop it up.

This time, it's an engineering professor recommending using tires - put in uninflated tires into the gushing well and then inflate them to shut off the flow.

A similar idea is suggested during this discussion also.

When are we as a country going to get serious about this and bring in some of these experts and people with ideas? Clearly, BP is not serious and has run out of ideas.

Update: "...if they’re being criminally investigated then why are we allowing them to do it? If we got a bunch of criminals doing it then why are we allowing them to do it?" Read more about Another engineer suggests inserting something inflatable into the leak to stop it up.


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