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WAR, WAR, WAR -- KILL, KILL, KILL -- LIE, LIE, LIE -- It’s the American Way

Wouldn’t it be lovely if a new year’s resolution for 2011 for the U.S. would be to end war?


Sometimes I am startled by the reflection in the mirror in the ladies’ restroom at work of my black armband that I started wearing a year and a half ago with a first, very deep breath, assuming I would be called on often to explain it. It would afford opportunities to share my moral outrage at the international and civil lawless conduct of my government. Read more about WAR, WAR, WAR -- KILL, KILL, KILL -- LIE, LIE, LIE -- It’s the American Way

150,000 US/NATO Troops in Afghanistan, 50 Al-Qaeda, But Oodles of Caspian Basin Oil & Gas

Eric Margolis writes on what he calls "the over-militarization of US foreign policy" and the political opportunism of generals and political leaders shamelessly and callously continuing to risk countless lives and the quality of countless lives to justify another wrong-headed war. Margolis:

"... a political whitewash issued by the Obama White House claiming the war was going well and some US troops might be withdrawn next year. This 'don't worry be happy' summary was trumpeted by the pro-war New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other members of the government-friendly US media..."

[snip] Read more about 150,000 US/NATO Troops in Afghanistan, 50 Al-Qaeda, But Oodles of Caspian Basin Oil & Gas

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like a Black-Ops & Media-Blackout Betraying Christmas

QUESTION: If a dramatic Veterans for Peace-led protest happens in the very front of the White House, Dec. 16, 2010, and 250 activists at least assemble in the cold and SNOW, and 135 of them stand tall in front of the White House fence, some even chaining themselves to it, and those 135 are arrested, but the mainstream media including progressive corporate media don't see it and report on it ... or saw but chose not to report on it, more accurately ...

... did it really happen?

Yes, yes, yes! but shame shame shame shame on our propaganda selling out fourth estate!! Read more about It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like a Black-Ops & Media-Blackout Betraying Christmas

Chris Floyd & Tolstoy on the Profound and Seductive Amorality of War & War-Promoters

Chris Floyd:

Tonight Bradley Manning is being tortured and destroyed in a prison cell because he has been accused of trying to tell the truth about war that all so-called enlightened people know: it is brutalizing, senseless, futile and cruel. He is also being tortured in the hope that he can be used as an instrument to stop Julian Assange from telling the truth about war and the corruptions of power that all so-called enlightened people claim to know.

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The National Debt Is Congress's Fault! Redux


The national debt exists today because when the nation went off the Gold Standard in 1971 and adopted its present non-convertible fiat currency system, Congress did not repeal its mandate requiring that the Government back all its deficit spending with already existing borrowed dollars whose convertibility was covered by our holdings of Gold. This Congressional mandate to borrow funds by issuing debt instruments, has caused the national debt to persist. Had Congress repealed it when President Nixon took the country off the Gold Standard, and had we ceased to issue debt at that time, then the Government would have re-paid all of our 1971 debts as they came due, and our national debt today, as well as our debt-to-GDP would both now be at Zero. So, the existence of the National Debt today is Congress's fault! Read more about The National Debt Is Congress's Fault! Redux

Dishonorable Obama, Congress & Media Don’t Give a Serious God-Damn About Massive & Gratuitous Poverty and Violence


Meet the Press hosted apologists for Obama and corporatists everywhere. Defense of tax cuts for the rich the topic this time. Opportunities for disgust and disdain against those purist ideology-lefties, a/k/a more "hippie punching," of course was enjoyed by all. All but one, Anthony Weiner, who was the token liberal-sounding one this week (to be piled on). Mikey Bloomberg was blunt that liberal complainers need to “suck it up!” And, oh yes, he wants a subway series. (Yeah, let’s talk about what’s important, boys.) Read more about Dishonorable Obama, Congress & Media Don’t Give a Serious God-Damn About Massive & Gratuitous Poverty and Violence

OY VEY, Mid-terms 2010, Non-Teachable Moment for Leadership (Sorry Voters)


[a post-pbs-Newshour rant]

So, what did deaf political leaders think they heard from the angry population in first wave of responses? (Sadly, non-teachable moment.)

Obama speaks of compromise one more time. Does he even think he was too liberal? The Blue Dogs got decimated, buddy.

Obama refuses to talk about any non-Middle Class Americans once again. His omission of any other constituent group is like nails on a chalkboard. He has done this consistently beginning with his campaign. Why is he never called on this? If you are not in the "middle" class you don't deserve any acknowledgement let alone help from the government? (And they call him liberal from the right??? Shows how creepily narcissistic they are!) Read more about OY VEY, Mid-terms 2010, Non-Teachable Moment for Leadership (Sorry Voters)

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Foreclosing the Banksters


The momentum building against the continued cover-up of widespread foreclosure fraud by the big banks and their associated agents is a wonder to behold. The progressive blogosphere is afire with posts about the frauds and calls for justice. Just today, Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism had three recent items on the subject. Professor L. Randall Wray offered a great post at Credit Writedowns. FDL has offered numerous posts on the subject over a period of months and has a page of links to these articles. Coverage at HuffPo has been fulsome, including a recent post by R. J. Eskow that offers a “home loan moral hazard scorcecard”.

Now, partly in reply to discussions at FDL, the most comprehensive and important piece I've seen yet was written by Professors William K. Black and L. Randall Wray and posted at HuffPo. It is a two-part piece. I'll comment on Part 1 here, and Part 2 in a future post. The series “Foreclose the Foreclosure Frauds,” is a call for justice, an outline of steps for getting it, and (in Part 2) a consideration of objections to their prescriptions. Here are some quotes from Part 1, and comments on each. Read more about Foreclosing the Banksters

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Where's the Outrage?


Remember Bill Clinton lying under oath about his relations with Monica Lewinsky?

Which is worse, the lie Bill Clinton told under oath, or the lie told by a single robo-signer on a single occasion when she/he signed a foreclosure affidavit perjuriously stating that they had reviewed and verified the information in the foreclosure documents?

Does it get any better when many millions of these perjuries have been committed? Read more about Where's the Outrage?

Change you dread, knowing it might kill you.

From Saturday's WAPO:

FDA rules won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon

By Lyndsey Layton
Saturday, September 18, 2010; 11:20 PM

As the Food and Drug Administration considers whether to approve genetically modified salmon, one thing seems certain: Shoppers staring at fillets in the seafood department will find it tough to pick out the conventional fish from the one created with genes from another species.


Perhaps more surprising, conventional food makers say the FDA has made it difficult for them to boast that their products do not contain genetically modified ingredients.


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Declare War On the Dems: Make The President Dismiss the Catfood Commission


I urge all Real Democrats to declare war on the Democratic Party and this Administration by

-- refusing all appeals for financial contributions to Democratic candidates,

-- refusing to do any work at all for the Party,

-- refusing to go to Party functions,

-- going to meetings held by Congresspersons and Senators and

-- demonstrating at the meetings against the President's Catfood Commission,

until he dismisses that Commission. Read more about Declare War On the Dems: Make The President Dismiss the Catfood Commission

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Desperately Seeking Smith-Lipinski

MB's Outrage-O-Meter

Since Blue Lyon alerted us to the latest salvo in the fundiegelicals' War on Women (otherwise known as Smith-Lipinski) I have searched in vain for any protest or reaction from a liberal/lefty/women's group. Here's what I've been up to:

I check my Gmail every day. Alas, MadamaB's Mailbox is empty of any alerts or alarms about this legislation, which hopes to make us look back fondly to the halcyon days when we ONLY had the Hyde Amendment to deal with. Read more about Desperately Seeking Smith-Lipinski

Enforcer State, Enforcer Taste

10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants

(Embedding disabled)

Opening narrative:

Living in Eden has its advantages
As a marginalized member of a spectator democracy
You choose your own dependencies
Lust, hate, blood, love
Don't think of it as manufactured consent
Think of it as the candy everybody wants

I went off TV stone cold about a week after my first viewing. Read more about Enforcer State, Enforcer Taste

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Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

When Proposition 8 was overturned, many of us in the lefty blogosphere rejoiced. But Obama? He's, like, totally bummin', dudez.

President Obama remains opposed to same-sex marriage despite a federal judge's decision to strike down a ban on such marriages, a top White House adviser said Thursday.

Senior adviser David Axelrod said the president supports "equality" for gay and lesbian couples, but did not address directly Obama's position on Wednesday's court ruling, which struck down as unconstitutional California's Proposition 8, a 2008 ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in the state.


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