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Canadian Election Monday - voting is IMPERATIVE! (Also: Tory majority IMPOSSIBLE! YAY!)

So I don't have to talk about how important voting is on this website (I hope). Anyhow, in completely awesome news it looks like the Conservative Party of Canada is poised to take a minority again which will probably result in the stepping down of Stephen Harper (the man responsible for the precedent setting dissolution of Parliament last year like so many awesome dictators before him). Read below the fold...

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Cheap Eats: Austerity Kitchen Comfort Food Edition

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For some reason, I have a feeling comfort food is going to be very popular during the coming months. But not just any comfort food. It has to be easy to make and inexpensive. It should keep for a few days (leftovers, yummmmm!). And the ingredients should all be real foods -- no substances with names that sound like answers to a chemistry pop quiz. Read below the fold...

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Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc to Harper government: NO CONFIDENCE

In the FIFTH EVER no confidence vote the coalition of the NDP, the Liberals, and the Bloc Québecois voted the Harper government out today 156 to 145. (sidenote: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

Election looms as government falls

After the vote, Speaker Peter Milliken addressed Stephen Harper as a member of Parliament rather than as prime minister when Harper rose to move the House adjourn. Conservative MPs left the House chamber quickly for a caucus meeting.

Read below the fold...
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New pics from Messenger, first spacecraft placed in ORBIT around Mercury


It didn't make much of a splash on the political blogs I usually monitor, but I think this is the sort of news progressives should be stressing as we battle to turn back the raging hordes of wrong-wing ideologues trying to create a New Dark Age. Read below the fold...

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Indiana's 39 fabulous Democrats

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The Most Dangerous Woman in the World


Going from Madison, WI and being among tractors and 100's of thousands of protesters to Mt. Olive, IL and the graves of 100's of Union Miners and The Most Dangerous Woman in the World was a very humbling experience for this Industrial Worker of the World. If Mother Jones were alive today she would be in Madison and a general strike would be underway. This I firmly believe. Read below the fold...

If it's Tuesday, this must be WPA/CCC blogging, and if it's March, this must be Women's History Month

You can read about more women doing more stuff at but because I am nutty about science and I think that government ought to work for the people...

Yes, I know, it's sponsored by Dow Chemical Co, but here's a virtual conference on The Future of Women in Chemistry and Science. Yay, chemistry!

Larry Summers' threats notwithstanding, grrrlz do have a future in science [and math, and engineering, and technology]. We are not hard-wired to leave this to the boyz. Read below the fold...

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Do We Make Things To Make Ourselves Feel Better?


Is knitting self medication? Are people who make things -- even if it's dinner, the bed, laundry, gardening and other activities that require physical engagement -- just getting a dose of the poor person's Prozac?

Possibly. Lifting Depression, A Neuroscientist's Hands On Approach to Activating Your Brain's Healing Power makes a good case for "effort-driven rewards," like crafting, as an alternative or addition to medication and/or psychotherapy. Read below the fold...

It's Madison Time!

Dorothy 2: Wicked Witch 0


Once I saw a prizefighter boxing a yokel. The fighter was swift and amazingly scientific. His body was one violent flow of rapid rhythmic action. He hit the yokel a hundred times while the yokel held up his arms in stunned surprise. But suddenly the yokel, rolling about in the gale of boxing gloves, struck one blow and knocked science, speed and footwork as cold as a well-digger's posterior. The smart money hit the canvas. The long shot got the nod. The yokel had simply stepped inside of his opponent's sense of time.

Ralph Ellison

Read below the fold...
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War on Banksters


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