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Scrooge Senate Screws People! No Millionaire/Billionaire Left Behind while Franken Calls Out the Big Fat Hypocrits!

[Welcome, C&L readers! And please consider returning tomorrow at 3PM Eastern for one of our continuing series of live blogs, this one with Paul Street. --lambert] Read below the fold...

LATEST WAVE OF NAUSEA: Maddow Mythologizes Obama (World-Class Jumping of the Shark!)

Industrial kool-aid from Rachel Maddow at MSNBC.

Rachel is now filling the “enthusiasm gap” with jaw-dropping insistence that Obama is a GREAT president, his accomplishments have not been celebrated enough. Rachel, the self-appointed propaganda queen of the pragmatic faux-progressives. If you get a chance, check out yesterday’s Maddow show on MSNBC. Now the victim citizens are being blamed for not recognizing Obama’s great accomplishments. She even invites soft-spoken presidential historian, Michael Beschloss, to back her obscenely insulting myth making.

I was a huge fan of Rachel’s when she got launched, attacking the Bush regime with dazzling humor and research. Read below the fold...

Sometimes Not Getting the Joke is the Joke

I didn't pay much attention to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Washington rally. But David Carr of the New York Times did and wrote an unintentionally wonderful piece on it, lacking all self-awareness. Carr decides that if Stewart and Colbert can be witty then why can't he? Well, the answer to that is they have wits with which they can be witty. Carr, unfortunately, does not. He is really writing because he has taken umbrage at their shots against the press. Read below the fold...

SB1070, Not Even Motivated By Hate But Prison Profiteering (sub-sub-sub basement of evil -- move over, drones)


Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer and her “papers please” SB1070 immigration law intends to use racial profiling as the immigration issue "solution". (Just got chills on the word "solution" ... now where have I heard that one?)

Up until now, progressives fighting this racist anti-constitutional, anti-human rights legislation assumed it had been inspired and initially drafted by “white supremacist hate groups.” Read below the fold...

Obama, Captain of the USS Titanic, Willing to Throw Older Women Out of the Lifeboats First By Raising Retirement Age

Raising the retirement age to a whopping 70 is more than a twinkle in the eyes of Obama and his Gucci-loafered-Austerian-Commission-sadists from both sides of the aisle. They are about to stick it once again to all of us, but particularly to struggling low-income older women in physical jobs!

It just keeps on getting uglier and uglier. Sharon Johnson in this article in womensenews spells out how exceptionally cruel it is to the plight of women. Read below the fold...

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Why Quantitative Easing Won't Work


Today I was planning on a post about Quantitative Easing (QE), because it seemed to me that it would never work. However, today, Randy Wray beat me to it with another great post, this time at ND20, reviewing the whole situation in detail, placing it in political context, and explaining why it's very unlikely that it will allow the economy to recover much more than it has already. Here are some key quotes from Randy's piece. Read below the fold...

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Bobo and The Race To the Bottom

Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Chris Bowers is worried about turnout:

[T]here really is a meaningful enthusiasm gap. ... [O]ur jobs would be a lot easier if we actually knew what was motivating unlikely voters.*

You know what I think?

Read below the fold...

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The peasants aren't paying enough!


As Many Avoid IRS’s Grip, a Tax Debate Ensues

That’s the portion of American households that owe no income tax for 2009. The number is up from 38 percent in 2007, and it has become a popular talking point on cable television and talk radio. With Tax Day coming on Thursday, 47 percent has become shorthand for the notion that the wealthy face a much higher tax burden than they once did while growing numbers of Americans are effectively on the dole.

Read below the fold...
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Obama fan base to voters: La-La-La, I can't hear you

I don't mean to keep on picking on Booman, but here, and more succinctly here, he maintains that all is well in Obama land.

Michael Whitney has a run down of just how bad it looks for Dems as of now.

Quick review for those who have not gotten the memo: Dems lost the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and NJ. Dems just lost a Senate race in Massachusetts on the issue of health care deform. Voters don't like what Democrats are doing. Read below the fold...

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Michelle Rhee, queen of projection


The Washington Teacher

In Fast Company's February magazine issue, Chancellor Rhee is quoted as saying that DC teachers were laid off because they hit children, had sex with children and missed 78 days of work. I am starting to get a 'brain cramp' from all of Rhee's variations of the truth about the real reason why DC teachers were laid off on November 2, 2009.

Obviously Rhee is just trying to distract from her own history as an accessory to child molestation. Read below the fold...

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Who is "Ellie Light"? She's not a sock puppet, she's a "cognitive infiltrater"

Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light'

In recent weeks, Light has published virtually identical “Letters to the Editor” in support of President Barack Obama in more than a dozen newspapers.Every letter claimed a different residence for Light that happened to be in the newspaper’s circulation area.

Glenn Greenwald Read below the fold...

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A very fat parasite


Cigna CEO Retires With $73 Million Bonus

CIGNA insurance company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board H. Edward Hanway’s Dec. 31, 2009 retirement comes with a $73 million dollar bonus. Hanaway retired from his posts after serving for ten years in those roles. His overall compensation in 2009 exceeded $12 million.

David M. Cordani, 43, CIGNA’s former president and chief operating officer, was named to succeed Hanway as chief executive officer effective January 1, 2010 after a transition period.

Read below the fold...
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Popcorn Deux - Electric Boogaloo!

Hamsher's "Gonna Shake that Primarez/Man Right Outta My Hair", "My Blog Traffic Es Mas Macho Que Sus" Edition:

"We’re witnessing a deeply emotional response to that kind of critique among those who support party or a personality first. Read below the fold...


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