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Department of What is WRONG with These People?

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Students for rape

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Goldman withdraws sponsorship of working class credit union that supports #OWS

Bank Withdraws From Fund-Raiser After 'Occupy Wall Street' Gets Place at Table

1) #OWS opens an account at Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union, a local credit union, to hold donations.

2) The Vampire Squid sponsors a dinner held by Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union, which also serves the poor.

3) Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union honors Occupy Wall Street at the dinner

4) Goldman Sachs, which told the credit union it didn't want its name or money used to celebrate a protest movement known for placards like "Goldman Sachs is the work of the devil," took their money and left.

What a bunch of idiots.

WSJ: Read below the fold...

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Long Range Acoustic Device

Bystander Sues City of Pittsburgh Over Pain and Hearing Loss Caused by Use of Long Range Acoustic Device at G-20 Protest

G-20 Marked First Use of LRAD Technology on US Civilians

September 21, 2011

PITTSBURGH - The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of Karen Piper, a bystander who suffered permanent hearing loss after Pittsburgh police deployed a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) against protestors during the 2009 G-20 Summit. An LRAD emits harmful, pain-inducing sounds over long distances. Developed for use by the military, LRAD technology had never before been used against US civilians.

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"We are the 1%" sign at the Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago teachers will march on Monday to the Chicago Board of Trade where this sign was put up. Read below the fold...

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Your Democrat Party at Work

Dick Harpootlian, Chairman of the Democratic Party in South Carolina:

I just attended this meeting in Chicago for two days with every member of the Democratic National Committee and big Democrats. There wasn't any Michael Moore there, there wasn't any Paul Krugman there.

The voice of the Democratic Party is far more moderate than you give it credit for. And to pull people like Krugman out and say he is a Democrat or he's a -- somebody associated with Barack Obama or his parties is absolutely wrong.

I am a former prosecutor. I put people in the electric chair. I have a gun. I believe in capital punishment. I believe in this war on terror. And I'm a Democrat.

Gee, how could this ever backfire? Read below the fold...

If we had some bacon, we could have bacon and eggs, if we had some eggs

This is a Democrat talking:

[Joint Select] Committee [on Human Sacrifice] member Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) agrees with Van Hollen, and says he'd be willing to put key progressive programs on the table if it gives Congress more running room to shore up the economy now.

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Why is the Democratic Party Allowing Obama to Destroy It?

Mike Whitney declares:

This is Barack Obama’s economy now....

Obama's failure will likely result in political change that will deliver the White House to the GOP in 2012. Then the deficit hawks will control both houses of congress and the White House, and they will slash spending and push the economy into another Great Depression. This is not speculation. This WILL happen. Obama has made sure it will happen by shrugging off the warnings of every competent economist in the country, all of whom have said repeatedly that we needed more stimulus to lower employment, to reduce the output gap, to increase GDP, and to put the economy back on track.

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Headlines You Couldn't Make Up: One-child policy a surprising boon for China girls

Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?:

Since 1979, China's family planning rules have barred nearly all urban families from having a second child in a bid to stem population growth. With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters' education and well-being, a groundbreaking shift after centuries of discrimination.

Oh, that's great! Girls are really thriving under China's one-child policy. Excellent!

Except...: Read below the fold...

DISemployment beat down...

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President Fuck You now hiring! All trolls and sock puppets report for duty!

He's got the long game in mind for jobs. Unfortunately, not for the rest of us.

Via KitKat over at Allegre's.

NOTE I tinkered with the headline. Of course, Obama's not really looking for trolls and sock puppets; he's looking for "social media copywriters." Read below the fold...

Hal Sparks Blub Watch

Last Saturday around 11:30 AM, I tuned in to his show on WCPT, "Chicago's Progressive Talk". About a minute in, he broke down and began whimpering, sobbing, and blubbing about the Supreme Court and how we just HAD to vote for Obama. I quickly tuned out. A cuppa McD's fine coffee later, the bad taste in my mouth was gone.

I suspect you could find a podcast, but I wouldn't recommend that as a good investment of time.

PS - I'm trying to shame him. Anyone think it will work? Read below the fold...


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