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for items in which one is caused to mourn being an american, because others are making us look bad

How To Organize a DEMAND MILLIONAIRES' TAX & MILITARY CUTS Pledge from Citizens Drive?


So NY's Speaker of the City Council Christine Quinn was on a local tv interview show last night and she said flatly something about how the citizens of New York state can totally forget a "millionaires' tax" since our new Dem Governor Cuomo won't go near that. So they go on to the next question.

It ENRAGED me the way she dismissed it and the interviewer backed off. No, that won't be a way to go. We must find human service programs to cut and layoffs of workers to be made, because the NY Governor refuses to go near that. We must be resourceful in cutting the budget, she chirped, after dismissing a most logical and just resource. Read below the fold...

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Call for the Assist: WI, OH, etc

National Green Party: Congrats to Egypt and What About Mubarak’s US $70 Billion Stash? (C’mon, Asset-Freezing Time!)

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party of the United States congratulated the Egyptian people and called President Hosni Mubarak's resignation a huge step towards democracy, human rights, and stability for their country.

"The Egyptian revolution is a victory for the people of Egypt, and also the victory for an idea -- the idea that violent regimes can be overthrown through nonviolent means," said Romi Elnagar, member of the Green Party of Louisiana and wife and mother of Egyptian-Americans. "While police and rampaging pro-Mubarak thugs killed 350 and injured thousands more, the protesters themselves remained overwhelmingly peaceful." Read below the fold...

The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

Source: Gene Sharp, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Vol. 2: The Methods of Nonviolent Action (Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers, 1973).

As protests continue around the world, I'll continue to add non-violent examples to these listings.

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Corrente readers:

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"Jekyll" and Hyde


The Hyde Amendment, put forth by Henry Hyde (R-We Hate Wimminz) after the passage of Roe v. Wade, has been a rather stubborn thorn in the side of pro-choice activists since its inception. It is a "rider," usually attached to some appropriations bill and passed every year, which prevents the HHS from sending any federal funding towards abortion, except in the cases of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. Read below the fold...

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Meet The Mother of Egyptian Intervention (Update)

The Examiner's intrepid reporter Aimee Kligman has a wonderful article on the woman in front of the mass organization in Egypt today. Meet Assma Mahfouz for yourself. Assma found inspiration during the now infamous 2008, April 6th Youth Movement. Read below the fold...

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The People Arise in Egypt. Meanwhile, in Davos . . .


I hope there are some people more familiar with Tunisia, Egypt, and the Middle East than I am, who are monitoring the situation there, and have some historical, socio-economic, and political background to share. My own belief at this time is that the populist uprising in those countries was sparked by the steep increases in the price of food which have been in no small part caused by financial speculators in the futures markets. Jon Larson at Real Economics has posted some highly relevant material the past few weeks, and also fingers the role of global climate change:

Cattle Prices Stampeding Read below the fold...

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Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan

If you are on Facebook, you should check out this link about current efforts to end the slaughter of wild dolphins in Taiji, Japan as depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove . Most people watch videos like this, think that the exposure will make somebody else do something, and the awfulness will end. Not true.

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Building a New Consensus

[I think there are some important ideas here for the unterbussen "going forward," and so I'm going to leave it sticky for another day. --lambert]

Recently on Corrente there has been a discussion about how we can best recruit or build bridges with the disaffected elements of the right, commonly known as the tea partiers. I propose that we make efforts to build a left-centered new consensus that incorporates rightists, without trying to convert them over completely. Read below the fold...

MLK's 1967 Message to Imperialist America: “Somehow This MADNESS Must Cease"

Below is the powerful 1967 speech delivered by Martin Luther King protesting the Viet Nam War.

But first, another mention of that presumptuous Pentagon official who recently asserted that King would have been in favor of the present MidEast wars.

Sahil Kapur reports in RawStory that a Pentagon official this past week said that Martin Luther King would understand and recognize the need for the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Department of Defense's general counsel Jeh C. Johnson was a graduate of King’s alma mater, Morehouse College. He attended the school at the same time as King’s son. Read below the fold...

Time for the Justifiably Angry Far Left and the Justifiably Angry Far Right to Unite to Protect the US Constitution from Obama

I know this may seem like an odd week for me to float this assertion given the nightmare murders and attempted murder in Arizona. But I am asking for a coalition for communication between the Far Left and the Far Right. An exploration of common, angry ground. Read below the fold...

What Riverdaughter said

This is a monster post, and my hat is off to Riverdaughter (RD) for courage, perceptiveness, intelligence -- and strategic thinking -- in posting it.* Quoting in relevant part:

There seem to be two major camps regarding this tragedy: Sarah Palin is a monster and the Tea Partiers must be blamed. Or, Sarah Palin is the scapegoat and her picture had nothing to do with this tragic incident.

I prefer the third way. ....

Read below the fold...


I was about to use the headline "Heroes," but I changed my mind. Politics Daily:

Speaking at a Sunday press conference in Tucson, Dupnik said that the suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, was attempting to change magazines after his initial volley of shots when "a woman went up and grabbed the magazine and tore it away from him while he was trying to put another magazine in."

Loughner then succeeded in loading another magazine but that "fortunately the spring and the magazine failed" and two other civilians were able to get the weapon away from him and subdue him until the police came, Dupnik said.

Read below the fold...

Open Letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo from Green Party's Howie Hawkins


An Open Letter to Andrew Cuomo from Howie Hawkins via email:

December 30, 2010

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Congratulations on your election.

During our recent Gubernatorial contest, we emphasized different approaches as to how best restore the state's fiscal health and to reduce the onerous impact of local property taxes. But as you prepare to start your administration, it is critical that the long term needs of our state take priority over the political rhetoric that dominates election campaigns.

Read below the fold...


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