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Desperately Seeking Smith-Lipinski

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Since Blue Lyon alerted us to the latest salvo in the fundiegelicals' War on Women (otherwise known as Smith-Lipinski) I have searched in vain for any protest or reaction from a liberal/lefty/women's group. Here's what I've been up to:

I check my Gmail every day. Alas, MadamaB's Mailbox is empty of any alerts or alarms about this legislation, which hopes to make us look back fondly to the halcyon days when we ONLY had the Hyde Amendment to deal with.

At regular intervals, I search for "Smith-Lipinski" in Teh Google. The only liberal/lefty/women's perspective that comes up within the top ten, is my own post on Correntewire. Sheesh! No NOW, no NARAL, no Planned Parenthood. However, there are some lovely entries from the anti-choicers, all about how wonderful Smith-Lipinski would be because it would FINALLY stop the federal government from funding a legal, vital medical procedure that is, uh, how shall I put this delicately? Oh yes. None of their fucking business. That is why we say that the right to privacy ends at the tip of one's nose. Last time I checked, a baby grew inside, not outside, of a woman's body. But hey, I'm not a doctor! I could be wrong! (wink)

Undaunted (okay, slightly daunted), I do more Google searches. Maybe there would be better results under the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" (note, the name is quite honest - this Act would ultimately prevent both federal AND state funding for abortion). Nada, niente, rien.

I try other search engines. Maybe Google has an anti-choice bias!

I try other places where women gather on teh Interwebz. Let's see now:

I don't even try to check any of the "new feminist" sites for this information. They don't do reproductive rights, so they're out of the picture.

I am becoming more convinced by the day that this legislation is going to fly under the radar and be quietly approved by the new, improved faction of "pro-life" Democrats who took money from the Movement "Pro-Lifers" and now are going to be forced to pay the piper. And yes, this CERTAINLY includes President Barack "When life begins is above my pay grade" Obama.

That is, unless we do something about it.

My comment on NOW's website last week went unanswered (there were only five comments the last time I checked, so it's not as if the VP of Action! could have missed it), and their action center still contains nothing about this horrible bill. Just as with Stupak and Nelson, pro-choice forces are in danger of being ambushed by the anti-choice movement, once again.

I think maybe it's time to make some phone calls. What do you say?

Call your representative:

Call NOW, the national organization:

Phone: (202) 628-8669 (628-8NOW)

Call Planned Parenthood (they have two national offices):

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

And/or, call NARAL.

NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation
Main Number: 202.973.3000

I will rescind my NOW membership if they don't get on this STAT. Standing by while American women go back to the coathanger days is not my definition of feminism. I'm still shaking my head that it's come to this in 20-Fucking-10.

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

I can't believe this isn't electrifying the feminist web! I've been talking about it all over the place in RL, but my online time's been limited as summer session at school comes to an end (Ugh, finals!) and my brother's wedding rapidly approaches.

One of the difficult things in RL is getting the "but they can't overturn Roe!" people to understand that they (Congress, courts) don't have to overturn it if they continue to apply more and more restrictive conditions to access that make it harder and harder -- and eventually impossible -- to obtain an abortion. My mom was one of those, till I passed her the link to bluelyon's post.

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Submitted by madamab on

I love that you're talking about it in RL. I think that's very important.

The idea that I think people can grasp too, is the idea that abortions will no longer be available through public or private insurance. So, it will become an uninsured, and with Smith-Lipinski, un-subsidized, medical procedure. There will be no reason to assume that the price of an abortion won't skyrocket, nor that publicly-funded clinics won't shutter once their sources are cut off.

Also, Smith-Lipinski isn't just about abortion. It enshrines Bush's "conscience clause," which allows any health care professional to refuse to provide abortions OR birth control, into law. So, the fundies don't want you on the pill, taking emergency contraception or getting an abortion due to an unplanned pregnancy. They want complete control over our wombs, and so far, they're getting everything that they want from our "feminist" President!

Submitted by jawbone on

the Smith-Lipinski bill, there was no language for the bill yet available. Since then, I'd found nothing (albeit I did not search as extensively as you did!)

Well, the language is there now and not much ambiguity there. It is as it's "short title" says, just a way to make abortion illegal using any government funds (which well indeed could be construed by the Right supreme court justices as meaning pay to anyone earning a living as a government employee, Wow.

And it's not being addressed? Bcz all the analysts for these groups are on much needed vacations?

Action is needed and thanks for the list.

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Submitted by Card-carrying_B... on

posting of pictures not only of unborn feti, as has been the the current so-called "pro-life" trend, but pix of post-born feti, now kids, battered, bruised, and often dead to the world, to exemplify the frequent fate of the unwanted. No joke.

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Submitted by madamab on

The problem is that no one wants to suggest a kid would be better off dead. That would be a marketing no-no, I think. ;-)

The fundies have successfully pushed the idea that abortion is murder, deep into the collective mind of our country. Since there's nothing worse than murder, they will win on the "moral" ground every time. That's why they've been so effective.

If I were doing an advertisement for reproductive rights, I would definitely take the tack that the issue is about privacy and equal rights, because freedom and privacy are much more important to people than "moral" issues like abortion and birth control.

Hmmm....maybe something to work on while I'm looking for a job. Thanks for the inspiration!