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Digby: The singles

[Because sometimes you just don't have time to listen to the whole album....]

#1. A very large number of right wing legal scholars seem to have the unusual view that a president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors if he lies about a sexual affair but he has ultimate authority to do anything he chooses in his role as president." (digby)

#2. "It's becoming more and more obvious that ninety percent of these hard core conservative "Christians" are completely full of shit. Let's not waste any more time debating issues like abortion or bending over backwards to respect their allegedly deeply held religious convictions. Those are merely rhetorical bludgeons with which to beat other people over the head. What they care about is brute power, period." (digby)

#3. I think Rudy won it. These people don't care if he's wearing a teddy under his suit and sleeping with the family schnauzer as long as he promises to spill as much blood as possible. (digby)

#4. I know it doesn't say explicitly in the First Amendment that citizens are only allowed to publicly support wars but that's because it's written between the lines in invisible Republican ink. (dibgy)

#5. "If Falwell's beliefs about the afterlife are correct, I think he may have just had very big surprise." (digby)

#6. The hard struggles needed to reverse the gains Christianists have made against the better parts of the United States' government and culture lies ahead of us. There is far too much to do to waste time on Falwell one way or the other.

#7. You Know You've Landed On Planet Weird when something's too illegal for John Ashcroft. (tristero)

#8. One of the things that strikes most of us as so surprising about this drumbeat for using real names online is the specious idea that it will guarantee more civility. Have they listened to Michael "Weiner" Savage lately? Or Ann Coulter? (digby)

#9. "Digby" is far more famous and more influential (however marginal that fame and influence may actually be) than "I" am in meat-world." (digby)

#10. As for being a liberal in the sense I'm a liberal?* I suspect - I could be wrong - if ever I had the honor to spend some time speaking with Kiesling that we would quickly find fundamental disagreements in our worldview. So what? His long years of experience and his integrity mean that I would be a fool not to weigh seriously whatever he has to say. And even if he didn't persuade me to change my mind, I would benefit enormously from hearing his opinions and trying to follow his reasoning. (tristero)

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