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Dirty Sex and Clean Politics

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Via our good pal, and creator of the term 'blogtopia,' The Manly Marsupial Skippy of the Forrest, we discover this exciting blog and a project that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Attention Democratic operatives with the good sense to study history and learn from it: a lot of us out here will do this kind of work for you, for free. I too am sick and tired of bringing squirt guns to a knife fight:

Sometimes you've just had enough. I've hit that point.

I'm angry. I don't want platitudes, promises or to be patted on the head and told "It will all work out in the end." I want to see a difference - and I want to see it now. But what can I do? I've banged my head on the gay rights wall for years - as have several others around the state and country.

While we're slowly making progress in general, I'm still not happy with the end result so far. I look around and I see how these various tactics we've employed - from rallies and shouting to political maneuvering and machinations - have either succeeded, failed or simply fizzled away to some degree or another. It's not enough.

Looking at last year's news cycle, one option had a high degree of success at influencing voters' behavior, setting back a large segment of the conservative movement, and generally providing a modicum of entertainment value for the masses. What was it? "Outing" the hypocrite.

Think Ted Haggard or Mark Foley.

I'm sick and tired of these hypocritical Hoosier legislators who think that my sex life or relationship status is any of their business. Do I intrude on who they're sleeping with? I didn't, but I'm going to start now. I think we need to shame them into doing the right thing and voting against discrimination. We need to show them that unnecessary intrusion into someone else's sex life is not only unwelcome but unwarranted unless it involves children or animals. We need to burn their hand so they won't touch the stove again.

Consider this a call to arms gossip. (We're gay, we can do this tastefully and without violence! *grins*) I want to know the scoop. Tell me the stories that will embarrass those conservative bigots that are backing a constitutional ban on our formalized relationships. Send me gossip about who's a philanderer, a kink fiend, a drug addict, a porn addict, or had a divorce, an abortion or even a stay in rehab. Ask your friends and family for the dirt. Look it up on the internet. Sniff out a lead and send it my way.

These folks have been doing this sort of thing for a while now, but I'd love to see it catch on. You go to bars, you eat out at resturants and stay in hotels. You've got a cell phone with a camera. Be the media, or even take one for the team, and entrap some Republican hypocrite tonight. There's no good sex like dirty, naughty sex and America has proven it's more than ready for Republican scandal. Bring it on, indeed.

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