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Disney's 40 Million Dollar Product Placement Pact With GOP Threatened

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Following a tip from Digby I went to the ad hoc protest held outside the gates of Disney's Burbank Compound earlier today (Friday, Sept. 8th, 2006). Though I avoided the temptation to title this post "The Happiest Protest On Earth" I can say the group of 25 (or thereabouts) protesters were a very agreeable lot of concerned Americans. I met a couple of nice people from Courage Campaign (Digby linked to them in the above noted tip) and listened to snatches of conversation as we held signs, improvised chants ("Bad Mouse" "Mr. Rove's Wild Ride" etc.), and waved to cars, many of which had drivers honking their horns and signalling general approval. Two guys from CNN shot some footage and interviewed a couple of the assembled. Odd, what with NBC being literally three minutes away, that they had no crew on scene. Oh, well.

A few cars that left the Disney Compound ("Mousewitz" to some) waited until they had turned right before raising a fist or lightly tapping their horns. These small acts of support were greeted with roars of approval by the protesters.

Many in the non-drooling blogosphere have responded to ABC/Disney's thinly veiled conservative propaganda--just google "Disney" and "ABC" and "Path to 9/11" and "Quid pro quo" and you will find endless posts about this timely subject.

ABC is willing to sponsor a 40 million dollar production that fictionalizes key events during the Clinton Administration's reign--elements of which were made up out of whole cloth--that plays directly into the Republican Party's push to claim a strong security platform as we head into the November elections. Something is rotten in the state of Dismark...

Call ABC. Call Disney. Let them know the public airwaves are not the private toy of the mega-rich, of the corrupt few who are under the impression they can get away with slander, lies and ultimately the fouling of our national discourse.

A few more pics:

Two motorcyle officers showed up but were very polite. After asking a few questions, and satisfied that our gathering was not going to grow to Woodstock proportions, they drove off down Alameda and the clean streets of Burbank.

The lines have once again been drawn--only now many Democrats and those on the left know full well where the Magic Markers are kept.


UPDATE: dday has a post up about the protest over at Daily Kos.


UPDATE #2: Crooks & Liars has a link to a post by John Aravosis at Americablog wherein he finds egregious errors--profoundly sloppy egregious errors--passed off as docudramacompressedrenderedfact in ABC's "Path to 9/11." The film shows the wrong city and the wrong airline vis a vis Mohamed Atta and Abdul Aziz al Omari and the flight they boarded. Not content to be merely partisan, the filmmakers--and those in charge who vet this kind of rudimentary fact-checking--are apparently just plain dumb.


UPDATE #3: The Poorman got a hold of the Disney/ABC Path to 9/11 storyboards.


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