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American Extremists: "Do panic"

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Submitted by Anne on

You've still got it!

Of course, we know that the urgency is always directed at whatever is interfering in the ability of those who already have to have more; threaten the cash pipeline and all hell breaks loose. Watch the poor and sick die, and it's "oooh, more for the rest of us!"

So, why not speed up that process - if they create jobs, the next thing you know, people can actually afford to live, and there goes the I Want Mine and I'm Taking It From You plan...

And I think "due time" is code for "as soon as BP and the oil industry are guaranteed to come out smelling like lots of cash."

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Can't resist posting this on my lj.

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We've got a Social Security inventory that must go NOW! NOW! NOW!

Free commemorative bowling ball with purchase!

Anyway, well done, per usual!