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Doing the same thing while expecting a different result


In fact, the banksters are better situated than they were before. Now they enjoy explicit state support, a huge web of safety nets, and super low interest rates with virtually no strings attached. The onus is on the officialdom to claw back from this industry-favoring position. Even if the financiers have to concede a little ground, they seem if anything to have benefitted from this wreck-the-global-economy exercise. No reason not to do it again.


If only we have a progressive, community organizer-type as President. Maybe He could be mobilizing us!

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i dunno. a lot of people i read said, way back in the 80s even, that this was a direction the world was going and there was nothing we little rubes could do but suffer, die and wait while Moloch consumed itself. i have my doomy moments when i can't see a way to avoid another global conflict that may or may not involve nukes, but at the same time it's going to be much, much easier to introduce 'radical' ideas into the formation of economic policy as things crash down around us.

i was just reading another comment from a thug operative who make a joke about the fact that they literally have no real ideas beyond rewarding the rich via endless war and taxpayer financed boondoggles. americans are very thick headed and stubborn, esp when it comes to admitting 'we were wrong.' it was wrong to go down the path of the New World Order and total global corporate kleptocracy. when neofeudalism destroys itself and takes a mess of innocent people down with it, people will have no choice but to repudiate a lot of the worst ideology that is active right now.

one 'radical' idea i would like to introduce as meme: if they can do it, we can too. which is to say this whole economic implosion has to do with smoke and mirrors, voodoo valuation, paper and pixels declaring something out of nothing. we don't have to honor financial arrangements if they don't have to honor reality. financial agreements between a tiny handful of global elites need not direct the futures of the billions of people around the world who did not take part in those agreements.

i will let the economic writers on our side better explain "how this can be done" without upsetting the suits too much. left to me, it's a simple matter of cutting out a whole lot of middlemen and parasites. our economic policy can and must return to a notion that we create things of value, trade them, and employ reasonable taxation and policy that favors economic autonomy to the greatest number of people.

i take heart in the fact that economically, the model of Versailles always fails in the end.