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Down the memory hole...


Went over to Cheetopia to see if Stirling had posted anything, but no. Found this gem #1 on the rec list with 600+ comments:

Michigan was the one HUGE vulnerability in the Kerry State firewall that Obama has working for him, due primarily to the fact there was no primary there.

Michiganders, refresh my memory on this:

You all had a primary, right?

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Obama didn't get any votes, therefore you did not actually have a primary.

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According to the Many Worlds Interpretation:

Prior to many worlds this [history] had been viewed as a single "world-line". Many-worlds rather views it as a many-branched tree where every possible branch of history is realised.

So for example, politicians never lie and Cheetopians are never mistaken - they're just reporting from a different universe than the one you seem to be in. As the article linked points out, this interpretation solves many paradoxes, and obviates the need for the "What the hell are they talking about?" interpretation, which is no longer operative.

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I actually went and voted in this sham. I was young and naive, then. Forgive me...