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E-voting security results 'awful,' says Ohio secretary of state

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How bad? 'I thought I was going to throw up,' Jennifer Brunner recalls

This year, denizens of the Buckeye State who mistrust touch-screen systems will be allowed to vote on a paper ballot if they prefer. The directive to allow "paper or plastic" came in the wake of Brunner's landmark 2007 "Evaluation & Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards & Testing" analysis, otherwise known as EVEREST, in which "critical security failures" were found in every system tested by several teams of both corporate and academic computer scientists and security experts.

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It's appalling how this has gone on and on and on. What part of democracy don't they get?

The comments there are interesting. I'm amazed there are those that don't think it's important. They must know it's benefiting them is all I can figure out.

Banks, grocery stores, all kinds of places manage to get it right. Why not when it comes to voting?

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What Brunner has done to security of voting in Ohio makes me want to throw up.

Paper ballot option in a touchscreen county? Sound good right? Well those paper ballots are put in a cardboard box thrown in a poll workers car and driven downtown to be centrally scanned. In past elections this was a single poll worker, but at least now Brunner requires two workers to escort the election materials.

Brunner disallowed "sleep-overs", but again, many counties are delivering the machines days ahead of time to places with little security. Cleveland has almost no security for the ballot scanners which are delivered with the memory cards inside. In a sane world, the poll worker brings the memory cards to the precinct for election morning. Any of the many proven optical scan vulnerabilities can easily be implemented (like the +10 / -10 to the count which still shows all zeros on the zero tape, but is an undetectable hack unless a hand count of paper ballots is done).

She also is not allow observers for early voting and is being sued by the Republican party who are now somehow on the side of public oversight.