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"Empty Plates" demonstrations

We want President Obama to sign an Executive Order 7034 v2.0 creating the WPA 2.0 because WE NEED JOBS! and it looks like we're going to have to take it to the streets to get them.

Organize a demonstration of some kind - a sit-in at your Congresscritter's office? handing out leaflets in the WalMart parking lot? marching down Main Street? - in your own hometown and publicize it here at Corrente.

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

The forecasted snowstorm arrived as scheduled, snow began this am, and started getting quite heavy just as I started my "march" up and down in front of Levin's office. (I believe someone was there, maybe they noticed my sign)-oh yes, my love pilot and I made a lovely, water-proof sign, has:
"We Need
not tax cuts
for the rich"
on one side, the other:
Save US jobs
No New
Because of the horrid weather, I'm sure, sadly, I was the only one there :-( , but I did get a lot of honks of support, and a few waves. The treacherous sidewalk and roads made it impossible to hand out my "paper plates/flyers", but they'll be good for another day. Now to get more demos organized!!

Submitted by lambert on

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Submitted by lambert on

The other nice thing, now that I realize it, is that it's immediately visible that there are two events! So thank you for organizing this!