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"Exit, Voice, and Loyalty"

Albert O. Hirschman was a very important and deeply humane figure who (obviously, from the headline) grappled with dilemmas that are important to many of us. Go read.

Poorly functioning organizations prefer that an exit option be available to their most strident critics, so that they are left with less demanding customers or members or citizens. Hence a moderate amount of exit can result in the worst of all worlds, "an oppression of the weak by the incompetent and an exploitation of the poor by the lazy which is the more durable and stifling as it is both unambitious and escapable." Near-monopolies with exit options for the most severely discontented can therefore function more poorly than complete monopolies. It is not surprising that many dysfunctional states welcome the voluntary exile of their fiercest internal critics.

Hi, Democrats! [waves]

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