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"Experts: If You Don't Get A Flu Shot, You're Stupid. And A Dick"

Hey, I didn't make up that blog post title, somebody else did. It's a nice explication of how flu viruses work, and includes a salutary bit of browbeating too.

h/t to athena1 for reminding me that i don't read nsfwcorp often enough.

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I got into a long, and ultimately useless convo, with, ironically enough "" on their screed against flu vaccines, posted on their FB site. Needless to say they promoted themselves as homeopaths and posted "articles" from every wingnut anti-vax "journal" out there. They got some decent pushback, but really, the level of "crunchy, left" ignorance and anti-science positions rivals that of the RW, and ironically they posted from Lew Rockwell's site.
Here's the FB thread

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or that bad luck never happens to them. Or they are so scared of a brief poke that they make up all sorts of "reasons" why not to get the flu vaccine. Amazing that otherwise intelligent people fall for that BS.

Great post, and timely. thx.