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Faceborg crawls your posts, and even if your preferences say that you only share with friends, it adds links right back to your page from "community pages." So, when I posted the test post above on BP, it appeared on a BP community page, ignoring my privacy settings.

Here's another example:

Now, as the examples show, Faceborg's algorithms aren't very good. They searched my post for the string, "BP," and then friended my to a BP community page. And it all seems pretty innocuous, until you start imagining scenarios. For example, suppose a Rape Crisis Center has a community page, a woman posts on it, and a stalker who's monitoring that community page tracks the woman down through her Facebook page?

NOTE Of course, since Faceborg is free, you are the product. So it makes perfect sense, in my case, that Faceborg would want to sell my identity and commentary to British Petroleum, so they can send spam my way, or file a SLAPP suit, or whatever. Except, silly me, I thought sharing with "friends" meant just that, and not sharing what Faceborg laughingly calls "the community" (meaning by "community" the corporate persons to whom Faceborg sells our data for datamining and, presumably, actionable intelligence).

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Submitted by okanogen on

I saw a TV ad for Faceborg last night. It was a pitch for young people to get their parents (new demographic) and grandparents (new demographic) to join up and live a more vital life with more "friends".

Apparently, they noted a giant hole in their demographics.

That said, and admittedly the percentage is small, but look at the increase in interest in drugs! Yeow!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

There is another commercial on TeeVee about kids recommending FB but the parents are sneaking out and having fun in the real world (it's a car commercial - can't remember the car being advertised...but that's because I have short term memory loss at the age of 65!). Compares 800 FB friends with having a really good RL time.

I prefer the latter - although I am on FB to annoy my Obot "friends" - which I seem to be doing very well, lately. A particularly tense discussion" was Face Boarded this AM after I kept coming last comment was that Obama is certainly smarter than Bush in how he takes orders from his "Owners" and how well he reads a teleprompter.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

What Facebook is showing you there is what you or your friends have referenced to that page. The rest of us can't see it. So your privacy isn't trod upon, in this case.

Shoot me - I like Facebook. I don't use the games or any applications - that way I'm not infested by ads and spam crap. Also I check my privacy settings regularly. That said, I allow friends of friends to see my stuff there. And I only post real life stuff there - not anything political. I find it a great way to keep up with friends and relatives and I like the quirky stuff I run across. If anyone gets obnoxious I either unfriend them or hide them from my news feed.