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Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference: Not too proud to bleg

We've got a venue, a program, and the speakers, including -- hurrah! -- Billy Mitchell, coming all the way from Australia!

So, since my plan to blog and grow rich still hasn't worked out, I'd like to ask the Corrente community to help send me down to DC to attend, and live blog, the conference. Ideally, I'd be able take Amtrak, instead of the Chinese bus, so I can work. Including getting down to Boston from Zone 5b, and taking the non-Acela train, total travel expenses will come to about $350. (I have a place to crash, and cheap eats are fine.)

Thanks for your help! Please use the PayPal button!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

lambert has built this blog out of nothing to a blog that is currently hitting over 3,000 visitors a day. There must be ten people reading this post with $35 dollars they can spare to support a blogger who has pushed back on all the Versailles talking points, who has created a community dedicated to fighting for single payer and who has now provided the community necessary to create a major conference out of nothing.

Please reward good work. This can't be an entirely sweat equity enterprise. If you have some disposable income, I am not talking to those fighting off collections agencies, but if you have some income you can spare, please send it to lambert.

And there must be at least one person with $100 to spare, please take this opportunity to give this blogger a chance to attend this conference. You don't need much money to build a movement, but you do need some.

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Submitted by selise on

i thought you said you would help with the AV recording? did i misremember?

an audio recording of the event for archiving, podcasting, (even transcripts!) is much much more important than a live blog for those of us who can't be there.

Submitted by lambert on

OTOH, it sounds like we can get pros instead of amateurs to do the AV work.