If you have "no place to go," come here!

Five to eight inches of snow predicted tonight and Sunday

"100% chance." Shit. Before Daylight Savings Time ends? I hate this.

Fortunately, it's going up to the mid-40s and even the 50s later next week, so it won't stick, but shit. Anyhow, I'll go and grab the last of the vegetables, peppers, later today. The squash will be fine, in fact sweeter for the frost, if there is frost.

In fact, it probably won't even freeze. It's going to be that horrible, sloppy, bone-penetrating wet snow, not bracingly chilly dry snow. Touch wood, it's not an ice storm.

And all the wood not in the garage!

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Living north of, say, Maryland, would require a kind of moral fiber (?) that I could only dream of possessing.

I loathe being cold.

But the good news (I guess) is that the sartorial opportunities up there must be practically endless! It is now fifty degrees outside, and I can feel it with the heat on; I salute you from the depths of my quilted, flannel sheeted and duveted cocoon.

Submitted by lambert on

Power failed elsewhere in the town, but not at my house! Fortunately!

Just like I predicted, sloppy, cold, and wet. Just the kind of snow I hate most.