If you have "no place to go," come here!

For Correntians with slow connections

I made a few improvements for speed, one of which you may already have noticed.

First, I made it possible for you to turn off many more of the blocks in the sidebar and the footers. Some blocks are dynamic, meaning they are created on the fly on the server by the database, and therefore they slow building the page down. So, you can turn such blocks off. If you care about new posts, but don't care about new comments, you can such turn the new comments block off. You can turn off blocks by going to your account page (click on your name at top left), clicking the Edit tab, and then scrolling down until you see "Personalize blocks." Uncheck any blocks you don't want, and press Save.*

Second, and more importantly, I changed the theme for creating and editing posts. In fact, if you've created or edited your blog before reading this, you have already seen this change.

The "back stage" theme is radically simple and focuses only on creating or editing content. Hence, there is no header, no footer, no sidebars, and no images. (Click on Blog in the top menu bar and you will see). The simplicity means that the theme is a good deal faster to load. Since the Internet is a hostile computing environment, it's important to get in and out of the edit form as fast as you can, so no data is lost!

Putting this simple "back stage" theme in place was always one of my goals for the relaunch, and when I saw it on my posts, I assumed everybody could see what I saw. Fortunately, Hugh brought my attention to the fact that he could not see it, so I investigated and found the silly permissions setting I as an administrator had forgotten to adjust.

NOTE * Don't worry that the password blocks are not filled in. You only fill them in if you need to change them.

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Submitted by Alexa on

know if the #OWS hashtag works at Corrente now?

Will not be able to blog for a little while, so thought that I might shoot off a couple of Tweets on my Blackberry, instead. [No biggie, just thought I'd ask.]

Sure looks like Ron Paul has no trouble getting into your feed. Wonder what he knows that I don't. LOL!

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Submitted by Alexa on

in the Corrente feed.

Of course, I don't watch the feed for hours on end, so maybe "I must miss them."

The one I tweeted several hours ago showed up in my account (naturally) in less than a minute. But, it's OK. Doesn't really matter. I just thought that I might could use it when I don't have an internet connection (which is much more frequent now that I stay out-of-state a lot).

Submitted by Hugh on

Hi, lambert, I'm still getting a "script running that could make your computer unresponsive" message in the editing page. This is after the your style changes, reducing the blocks that show up, and wiping the cookies. The only thing I have not done is purge the temporary files because I can't find how to go in purge just the ones for corrente. I used to know how to that in the browser but something has changed and I can not any longer manually edit them.

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Submitted by Alexa on

Lambert, a little OT, but thank you very much for the comment "edit" tool.

I use it at least 60%-80% of the time, and still don't catch all my errors. ;-)