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Fourth branch of government burning the evidence?


Thick black smoke billowed from a fire Wednesday on the White House compound in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The blaze appeared to be located in Vice President Dick Cheney's suite of ceremonial offices [Uh huh. Where they keep the crown and the ermine robes?] on the second floor of the building. Cheney and President Bush were across the street in the West Wing of the White House when the blaze broke out. It appeared to be under control within an hour.

I assume the D.C. Fire Department has cordoned off the area, and is checking for arson?

Though, truth to tell, I always assumed the real good stuff would be kept in the dank bunker Cheney had blasted out under the Naval Observatory. Probably Cheney just had it sealed, and the Federalist Society elves he had chained up down there, writing all the "opinions" for the Fourth Branch of government, are slowly running out of air....

UPDATE More from Kos, including details of what's in the EOB.

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It's a good fire for Cheney & Co. From now on, the documents in question--any documents in any question--are likely to have been "consumed in the fire."

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Why would Cheney have an office in an Executive building? I thought he was in the Legislative branch (but, of course that's what your title refers to).

I do hope The Gimp (aka Harry Reid) makes it out of the man-sized safe alive.