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That fracking common ground


I don't know how I missed this one, but thanks to the local single payer leadership I just got a pointer to this NYT article from last December on the President's position on Marcellus Shale drilling in the soon-to-be-no-longer-beautiful Delaware River watershed: surprise, surprise, the administration supports drilling before the completion of a study of the potential effects on drinking water.

And I was also ignorant of this (via the NYT article): the day after the election the President said

"We've got, I think, broad agreement that we've got terrific natural gas resources in this country," Obama said when he was pressed for issues on which he could compromise with Republican leaders. "Are we doing everything we can to develop those?"

The Delaware River valley is one of the great little-known beauties of the East. Various bad actors keep stomping all over it (Toll Brothers, you will burn in hell), and now this.

Black waters, black waters run down through my land.

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