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Free PDF of "Where There IS No Doctor" In Haitian Creole...

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Worth making viral for those on Hispanola, or in area with the resources to see it, and make use of it, or able to print and distribute it. Hesperian is a very, very good organization and publishing company.

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*In the face of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Hesperian urges everyone to forward and distribute the following health materials in Haitian Creole and English to every relief worker, resident, and traveler already in or leaving for Haiti.


Here is a link to the pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of Where There is No Doctor, also available as a printed book through our partners: 4 The World Resource Distributers
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Pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of Where Women Have No Doctor.

Pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of Sanitation and Cleanliness booklet, produced by our partners at SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods)

Here’s a link to our CHOLERA PREVENTION FACTSHEET, in English
Hesperian expresses our deepest sympathies to those who have been directly and indirectly affected by this disaster. Natural disasters are made worse by our very human-made systems that impoverish people and deny their right to health. As we encourage you to donate to the relief effort, Hesperian recommends these organizations which have redoubled their work in Haiti to address this most recent catastrophe:

Haiti Action Network's Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Partners in Health

Grassroots International, Earthquake Relief Fund for Haiti

Ingrid Hawkinson
Book Publicity and Promotions

I have the English versions of "Where There Is No Doctor" and "WTINDentist." They are a must for everyone-- particularly those who travel, or spend a lot of time in the field, in the Bush, and abroad.

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