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Friday Cat Blogging, [nearly] Empty Plate edition

ok, so i still need to learn to focus... and i couldn't get any of them interested in posing in front of an entirely empty plate...

But why post photos of a [nearly] empty catfood bowl in the first place?

Because I think Julia WIlliams' idea of an "Empty Plates" demonstration is a good one. We've already written to President Obama [you did do that, didn't you?] and asked him to issue his own Executive Order 7034 re-creating the WPA out of TARP funds for us.

Now it's time to escalate.

You should definitely read Davidson's first-hand account of being there in the midst of that, and also GeneO's cautionary message, but ultimately, bodies [preferably no dead ones] in the street are going to be needed if we're going to get our message out.

Julia has suggested Dec 12 as the date to do this, which seems like as good a day as any. Set up a demonstration in your own hometown, even if it's only a couple of you handing out leaflets [in front of your Congresscritter's office perhaps], urging your neighbors to write to President Obama asking for a WPA 2.0.

Oh, and be civil. Or not.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

that's an adorable kitten!

well, i'd blame mine on the cats' moving at the last minute, but since the bowl and catfood are out of focus too, i expect that one's not going to fly.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I hope we can get this to go viral, does anyone "tweet"? I've heard this is a great way to get "flashmobs". And as for me, I'l be in front of Sander Levin's office 12-3(he did have a few choice words yesterday, good for him), so anyone in SE MI please contact me via my campaign website-oh, I guess I'll post something there, huh, LOL. Flyers are a GREAT idea, does anyone have a good idea for one? Any contacts with unions anywhere? (I'll try NNU-they weren't helpful at all for my campaign, but maybe as a non-partisan issue, I do know they are strongly against SS cuts, etc). I have some ideas for signs, but maybe the graphic geniuses here can give us a couple good ones? I'm going to post something on FDL, does anyone have a suggestion on good timing? Weekends are rather cluttered over there, I've heard, but time IS short.