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Friday Night Puzzle Blogging: Old Western Edition

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I know that's James Garner, third from the right, but who are the rest of these TV Western stars (and was this a still from a TV show or a movie)? Is that Gene Barry standing beside Garner to the left? Who *are* those mustachioed men at the right?

Eat your hearts out, Depp and Marsters.
UPDATE: See additional (better) photos below, and my thanks to dblhelix.

Warner Brothers' back lot, by the way, doesn't look a DAMN thing like the South Texas brush country.

And I've been to Houston. It doesn't look anything like this, and it didn't 110 years ago, either:

But back in the day, they made good music and entertaining credits, even for shows that didn't last (Wildside and Outlaws! come to mind).

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Submitted by dblhelix on

from left to right:

Will Hutchins - Sugarfoot
Peter Brown - Lawman
Jack Kelly - Maverick
Ty Hardin - Bronco
James Garner - Maverick
Wade Preston - Colt 45/Sugarfoot
John Russell - Lawman

You'll find other publicity shots here.

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Submitted by Sarah on

Sugarfoot, I'm sad to say, was before my time. I remember a different "other" on Maverick besides Garner (and didn't like either of 'em as well). Never saw Bronco or Colt 45 or Lawman, even in reruns, but that's quite a lineup. THANK YOU, dblhelix!!!

PS - Black and white or not, we could do worse than have some of these old shows replayed instead of "Survivor" and its ilk!

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