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Fuck the NSA: Use new anonymizing Firefox browser

I've written about the Tor before; it is a proxy that defend's against "traffic analysis," which is the technique the NSA is using model social networks, based on its massive, secret, and illegal warrantless surveillance and datamining operation.

(That is, they're reading mail, chat, Google searchs, etc., to find out who said what to whom and when. Naturally, we know that Bush would never, ever use this information for ratfucking, let alone blackmail, not even against traitors like Democratic voters, liberals, and people who don't believe that Christ was a torturer, but then it's best to be safe, right?)

So, the technology:

Web users worried about privacy can now use a modified version of Firefox that lets them browse the net anonymously.

The browser can be put on a flash memory stick so users can turn any PC into an anonymous terminal.

Excellent. Anonymity is the spiritual foundationof our traditions. More detail:

The Torpark tool has been created by Hacktivismo - an international coalition of hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists.

Torpark uses the Tor network of internet routers set up by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that already has tens of thousands of regular users.

Whenever any computer connects to the net it freely shares information about the address it is using. This is so any data it requests is sent back to the right place.

The Tor network tries to stop this information being shared in two ways. First, it encrypts traffic between a computer and the Tor network of routers - this makes it much harder to spy on the traffic and pinpoint who is doing what.

Second, the Tor network regularly changes the net address that someone appears to be browsing from - again this frustrates any attempt to pin a particular browsing session on any individual.

"We live in a time where acquisition technologies are cherry picking and collating every aspect of our online lives," said Oxblood Ruffin, one of the founders of Hacktivismo, in a statement announcing Torpark.


Hacktivisimo said that anyone using Torpark might see a slight reduction in their browsing speed as the package of programs connect to the Tor network and scramble traffic.

The Torpark browser includes an clickable icon that lets people switch between anonymous and ordinary browsing.

It may also cause frustration as the regular change of net address may make some sites think that a new user is visiting and ask once more for login details.

I must say, I've noticed this with Tor. However, as more people join the Tor network, it will speed up. So let's hope this announcement drives that.

Here's the download page. I'll install it, and let you know my experience.

UPDATE Not so fast---it's PC only. I'll need to figure out how to compile it. Alert readers--If any of you are PC users, would you like to try and write up your experience?

NOTE Any Democratic consultant who doesn't recommend this technology to their clients should carefully examine their due diligence obligations.

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