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Fucking Hippies

"You're obsolete, my baby--my poor, unfaithful baby,
I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time!"

--Rolling Stones

A couple of weeks or so ago, Vice Emperor Joe Biden went on TV and called the American Left “whiners” for daring to complain about the abject failure of the Democratic Party to enact any truly progressive reforms while at about the same time, Boy Emperor Barack Martin Luther Gandhi Aquinas Timberlake Obama The One gave a bitchy interview to Rolling Stone in which he slags the Left six ways from Sunday for complaining about the Democrats sucking so badly, pretty much doing everything but pissing on us and giving us the finger in what was the first round of “hippie bashing” by the Democrats — followed by his remarks at a posh fundraising dinner in Connecticut attended by a buttload of rich people, in which he spits on the Left yet again while bowing and scraping to “the people who write the checks”. That’s sure a helluva way to convince your progressive “base” to support you, isn’t it? You go back on every promise you ever made during the ‘08 campaign, you retain and expand on Bush’s policies on imperialist war and the national security state, you enrich the banks and Wall Street while leaving the unemployed and homeowners facing foreclosure to twist in the wind, you sit by while economies and ecosystems are destroyed on the Gulf Coast, you legislate sweetheart deals with the health-insurance and pharmaceutical industries under the guise of “reform”, you exhibit the most craven behavior possible in the face of rightists and fascists — and when the people who helped elect you dare to complain about it and threaten to withhold their support in the midterm “elections”, you go on TV and insult them to their faces? There’s some real out-of-the-box thinking for you. Is your party and its leadership an abysmal failure? No problem, just blame those fucking hippies for complaining, and announce that the beatings will continue until morale improves.

In the meantime, Democratic Party mouthpieces in the blogozone are going into full-tilt pants-crapping panic mode, with Robert Parry at spewing a page full of the most weak-assed, warmed-over, shopworn scaremongering and excuse-making possible, complete with that good old Nader Hate. Trouble is, in the course of trying to make a case of supporting the Democrats no matter what, he makes a case for staying home — or even voting Republican, seeing as how even with the Democrats in power, we’re still being saddled with Republican policies which, more often than not, are being enabled by the Democrats. Parry might as well have cut’n'pasted an old column from 2000, begging and pleading with us not to vote Green in response to the cowardice and hypocrisy of the Clinton Regime, threatening us with calamity and disaster, guilt-tripping us with that tired old bullshit about how “a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush”. Hell, even the Communist Party USA is getting in on the action, with Comrade Chairman Sam Webb posting a whiny-assed screed pleading with us to not sit this one out. Jeezus, who’d have thought that even the geezing old cranks at the CPUSA were fronting for the Democrats these days?

Eight or ten years ago, this kind of behavior by the Democrats and their mouthpieces would’ve made me livid, but nowadays it just fills me with delight; I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it was to finally quit giving a shit about what happens to the Democrats. Sure, on the one hand its really piss-poor the way Biden and the Boy Emperor are dissing us, but what do you expect? These are Democrats we’re talking about here, y’know. I become flat-out ecstatic every time I hear either of these two — not to mention the likes of Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Ed “I Know No-THING!” Schultz blustering and kvetching and pleading for us to come out and vote for their miserable-assed party, because I know that every time they do this, they’re showing us just how truly weak, ineffectual and entirely unworthy of our support they are. “Pleee-eeease vote for us! Pretty please? We only suck ass a little less than the GOP! C’monnnn, pleeee-eeaase?” P’wahh ha ha ha ha ha hahhh. Take a goddamn’ hike, assholes. It’s popcorn time. You want to pander to me, exploit me, guilt-trip me, lie to me, insult me to my face on TV? Kiss my ass goodbye.

I plan on staying home on “Election” Day, withholding my support for a bunch of cowardly corporate tools, refusing my consent for a system that doesn’t work in my interests — and doing it without shame, regret or apology. Seriously, folks — there’s no shame in staying home on “Election” Day if none of the walking wastes of DNA seeking your vote are representing your values or standing up for what you believe in. C’mon, take a chance. Stay home. Don’t participate in the cheap-assed kabuki theater that passes for “democracy” in this country. See how liberating it is.

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Submitted by Hugh on

just blame those fucking hippies for complaining, and announce that the beatings will continue until morale improves

The thing is for most of the left blogosphere this tactic works. Progressives and independents out in the country have already shown they are willing to stay home, as for example in the Coakley race for Ted Kennedy's old seat. Obama and the Democrats have been warned by us in every way possible. They refused to listen. Now their big strategy looks to be to declare anything other than a complete blowout a partial victory.

Submitted by mike flugennock on

...though it's ironic when I think of it; the subtitle on my blog space here is something like "Because Writing Is For Sissies". I'm actually trained as an illustrator and designer; writing is a skill I learned grudgingly because I thought well-rounded communication skills are important. I really do communicate best in pictures, though. I have my own cartoon blog at, where there's also more writing (shudder) if you can stand it.

Submitted by mike flugennock on


Y'know, it's kind of funny; the whole time I was working on that cartoon, I had "Out Of Time" stuck in my head. It was on a mix disc I put together recently, because it's one of those great old Stones tunes that I'd almost forgotten about until I found it on a '60s compilation set I downloaded from one of the record collectors' blogs I hang out on; it was part of an unreleased Stones' best-of album.

It's not really a political tune by any stretch, but there was something about the Donkeycrats' current situation that caused that one verse to stick in my head: you're obsolete, my baby -- my poor, unfaithful baby...!

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

Great contrast between the two versions!

I posted this in 2008. Geez, was I optimistic!

(edit p.s.- oh, just to clarify- I was not an Obama supporter- I already knew he was a crook in 2007- but I was, sadly, optimistic that getting "better Dems" elected would make a difference. Now I know that there is no such thing as a "better Dem)

Submitted by mike flugennock on

Hell, I've got you beat there... I had him sussed out in '04, when he was tapped to give the keynote speech -- or, as I like to call it, his 2008 Presidential Candidacy Announcement -- at the Donkeycratic Convention.

I remember first seeing him on the front page of the Washington Post the morning after it was announced he was giving the keynote speech. There he was, looking all handsome and charismatic, and I thought, "WTF? Who the hell is this guy? What's he done to distinguish himself? He's a goddamn' no-name candidate for the Illinois State Senate; what the hell's he doing suddenly splattered all over the goddamn' press, like a rock'n'roll star, like some kind of political American Idol winner?"

The more I read in the Post article, the more things started to smell. The Donkeycrats were nominating Senator "Lurch" Kerry, a boring old rich bastard who was about as inspiring as Cream Of Wheat, and they were bringing on Mr. Smooth to do the keynote. It was like I could smell it a mile away: the Donks were going to throw this one, and nominate Mr. Smooth in '08 -- he was totally unknown, young, good-looking, slick, and just black enough to make white Liberals feel good -- and get Black America to break its neck getting to the polls to elect this huckster no matter what.

By the time he'd finished his speech at the Convention, the stink was unbearable -- the speech was full of platitudes meaning nothing, as if randomly strung together by a JavaScript Political Speech Platitude Generator, interspersed with thinly-veiled threats to attack Iran -- I called him "Barack Obombirana" for awhile after that -- topped off with a healthy dollop of that good old "I, Too, Sing America" rap. Predictably, the crowd went batshit. I could tell they were already ladling out the Kool-Aid that night. I started to feel like Kevin McCarthy at the end of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, where pretty much everybody's been taken over, clogging the highways in their cars, driving mindlessly under orders of their space-alien overlord, and Kevin McCarthy's the only sane guy left, running desperately in front of the traffic, trying to stop the lemming-like headlong rush, and then he runs at the camera, shouting desperately, "Listen, LISTEN! YOU could be NEXT!"

I taped that night of the Convention, made a DVD of Obama's keynote, ripped an mp3 of the audio track -- so that about four or five years from now, when a bunch of whiny, hand-wringing Liberals are asking how they could've been fooled so easily, I'll be able to brandish the disc in their faces and say "How? Jeezus, give a listen to this fat, steaming load of crap!"

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Submitted by vastleft on

What I knew about him was via his reputation, until I read his 2006 "Call to Renewal" speech.

Other bloggers had taken umbrage at that speech, but for nearly all of them, all was forgiven when Edwards dropped out of the race, and Obama was coronated by, well, everyone (except the majority of primary voters, who punched the chad for Hillary Clinton).

For me, the more I heard from Obama, the less I liked him as a candidate and a person.

On election day, I made a tortured decision that I now regret, but I certainly had this right:

Obama has run on a platform of hope, and given the way he's trashed his party's sense of fair play, reneged on his promises (including the one to uphold the Constitution), and held back the Overton Window from moving left, hope is all we're going to get as the numbers tally up in his favor today.

We can hope he can and will use his smarts to do something good, rising to the crisis-filled occasion. I may be holding my nose, but I'm not holding my breath.

I know some will be disappointed with my decision. If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments during this campaign season.

However you feel about it, I hope you'll join me in looking for ways to assert a progressive agenda with a new President who, with or without my vote, doesn't seem to like progressives very much. Same as the old boss.

Let's break out the booze and have a ball. If that's all there is.

Actually, I'm not much of a drinker. But getting the Democrats out of my system has taken time. Now, I've gone two years without voting for a Democrat (including in a special election here in MA earlier this year for Senator, where I wrote in "None of the Above"), and next Tuesday I'll be voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party for Governor.

Submitted by mike flugennock on

Vastleft sez:
What I knew about him was via his reputation, until I read his 2006 "Call to Renewal" speech...

Actually, even though I first smelled the setup in '04 -- now that I think of it, had I been paying attention, I would've caught the first whiffs of Obummer's bullshit as far back as '02, when he gave a tepid speech to an antiwar rally, the one where he says he's "not against all wars, just dumb wars".

Actually, I'm not much of a drinker. But getting the Democrats out of my system has taken time...

Neither am I, but lately my regular weed hookup's been a bit spotty, and I'm still trying to find a backup guy. So, yeah, I've been knocking it back a bit more then usual and, in the process, realizing why the rate of alcoholism in Russia was so high in the old Soviet Era -- when you're totally, thoroughly oppressed with no way out and no hope, you might as well just get shit-faced.

Now, I've gone two years without voting for a Democrat...

Fifteen years for me; see my reply to another post on this thread, "Democrat-Free Since 1993". I voted for Nader in '96, '00, and '04, and have stayed home since '06. Finally giving myself permission to not give a rat's ass what happens to the Democrats was, in a word, liberating.

What took me a ridiculously long time, though, was realizing that any real change in this country is going to be brought about by people working outside the artificial constraints of the phony, corporate-gamed "election" system. What finally brought it home for me, after the "election" of '04, was remembering what Emma Goldman said: If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.

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Submitted by Edgeoforever on

I smelled set-up since 2004, but didn't quite realized it, like you as I didn't really watch the D convention that year. Once Clark was out, so was I.
I had the same epiphany after the Iowa speech. I was kinda excited by what I perceived as an upset, so I stayed to hear. That's when I pretty much got what you did in 2004.
I am going to the polls on Election Day for the sake of the symbol, mostly. I won't surrender the appearance of my right.
Of course, i won't vote for any D, or R for that matter, that much I learned. (I used to be soo angry with Nader in 2000 for saying that!)
I have a handful of Green candidates. I heard one of them in a debate and he sounds pretty good. So, I am going to the poll to vote for them.

Submitted by mike flugennock on

...and it didn't take me long to finally get fed up with the Democrats, either. I voted for Bill Clinton in '92 -- biggest goddamn' mistake I ever made, motivated by the same kind of fear and desperation that motivated standard-issue Liberals in '04 and '08 -- and it only took the time between Clinton's backpedal on gay rights in the military (two and a half months before his hand even slapped Bible leather) and his Justice Department's atrocities in Waco for me to decide that the Democrats were a bunch of cynical, sociopathic losers and that I would rather eat glass than ever lift a finger to support them again.

Any lingering doubts were disspelled in early '96, about the time that Nader first kicked off his Green Presidential run, when a high-ranking White House flack -- his name escapes me now -- was quoted in the boss media, in response, as saying that progressives will vote Democratic because they've got noplace else to go. This especially burned my toast, not just on the face of it, but because it was the same kind of mindfuck language that abusive husbands use on their battered wives. "Noplace else to go, huh?" I thought, "well, just watch me, motherfuckers."

I voted for Nader in '96, '00, and '04, with pride and with no regrets -- well, actually just one regret: the regret that I lived in DC, a "safe state", and didn't live in a state where my vote for Nader could do some real damage to the Democrats.

I've been staying home on "Election" Day since '06; my guiding philosophy has been based on one of my favorite George Carlin bits, where he busts the balls of people who say that because I don't vote, I don't have a right to complain about the shape things are in. Au contraire, says Carlin -- people who do vote don't have the right to complain, because they're the ones who keep putting these worthless dipshits into office. People who don't vote understand that the whole electoral process in this country is a sham, and refuse to legitimize it by participating in it.

vastleft's picture
Submitted by vastleft on

... I did vote in the primary for the Senate special election. I'm not sure if that shortens my streak. I'm not sure I'd vote in a Dem primary again, but it doesn't give me the same sick feeling as voting for them in an election.

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Submitted by vastleft on

There are some unfortunate associations for the word preceding "emperor" re: Obama.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I remember watching Obama's acceptance speech and wondering why were his eyes so disturbingly cold and angry. Where was the Oprah-show warmth?? You know?

I knew his grandmother had recently died so I wondered if he was having strong feelings trying to process that and that was a reason his eyes seemed "dissonant" (is that the word) to the event that was happening. Joyless and ANGRY.

Anyway, I was troubled by Obama and his ferocious insistence to only mention "middle class" needs (especially after working for Edwards and his focus on "two Americas"), the few times Obama was even remotely specific in his speeches which wasn't often. But the incredible wave of optimism about him. Oprah's seal of approval. His seduction of the youth with his internet friendly campaigning. And his supposed stand against the wars. How could 50 million proverbial Frenchmen be so wrong? Sigh.

Eyes are the windows of the soul. I had this "oh ohhhh" moment that day seeing his eyes. Even on the tv, there was that gulp-inducing moment of foreshadowing. Who the hell is this guy? America embraces the personality. And where is the "character"? The truth of his eyes came through the mask for those moments.

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Submitted by vastleft on

For a few minutes there, you could almost believe he was angry at what conservatism had done to the country. Of course, he immediately walked it back in the same speech, but that for me was a high-water mark.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

All I know is I had this eerie feeling. Discordance. I think he was saying predictable things but there was a lack of warmth and a lack of a sensibility of empathy in his flashing eyes. I didn't need a happy Obama. But there was a remote coldness, sharklike. I was watching him hard. My take fwiw.

Also, he does this thing with his head, sweeping back and forth without sustaining eye contact, or taking the time to focus his eyes in one direction and then the next, doing it a tad too quickly, unsettling, and to me that is a tell for lying or not being grounded in what you are saying.

I have the news on. So sorry to hear about the "game" playing of political analysis. No morality as a priority. All the money pouring in for attack ads. Then news about poverty and crisis. What is wrong with this picture? The game between these people and people's needs are irrelevant. just a huge game. and the legalized bribery is escalating. disgusting and dispiriting.

I think what galls me is that Obama seems conscienceless that he lied to be elected and to him that is SOP. He didn't do anything wrong. And his apologists either deny the reality of what he has done and is doing or they think anything goes for winning, too. All about winning. Integrity is irrelevant.

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

Is that the face of a fuckin' loony or what?

Submitted by lambert on

I didn't like it when they did the same thing to Hillary, and I'm not sure I like it now.

It's very easy to make anybody look like a fool by catching them in an unguarded moment.

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

And I apologize. But I just couldn't pass it up. And I have seen it elsewhere.

Your point about random facial expressions is quite valid as well, I must admit.

Still, at the end of the day, doesn't he look like a fuckin' loony?