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Gene Sharp Non-Violent Method of Protest and Persuasion #57: Lysistratic nonaction

It worked in Virginia! VA R delegate Dave Albo:

Virginia's proposed ultrasound bill requiring a transvaginal procedure prior to an abortion got a lot of women angry this week. Turns out, one of those women happened to be married to a GOP lawmaker and she made him pay for it in the sack.

“So I got my theme music going, my red wine, looking to watch the Redskins, and I’m flippin’ through the channels. I have to get through the news stuff and all of a sudden on my big screen TV comes this big thing and it’s a picture of a bill and it has ‘Albo’ on it. And I went, Wow! Holy smokes! It’s my name as big as the wall. And the very next scene was the gentleman from Alexandria’s face as big as my wall going ‘Trans v brrb, Trans v this and trans v that. And they hate women… and I’m like this with my wife and the show’s over and she looks at me and she goes, ‘I gotta go to bed.’” [#57]


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your post, but I thought this was an interesting tidbit about the demonstrations in Athens:

Interview with Paul Mason,, 23 Feb 2012

Every time there's a big demonstration, you're seeing very rapid recourse to policing tactics that completely break up the peaceful part of the demo. At best maybe there are 4,000, 5,000 hardline anarchist demonstrators in Athens. There were probably a quarter of a million on the streets the night before the parliamentary vote; they didn't even get a chance to assemble.

So police action prevents the peaceful protestors from actually protesting. The hardline anarchists (I presume "hardline" = "willing to do some form of violence") are the only ones left. This is about as explosive a combination as you can find. Greece is headed for civil war.

Edit: I thought the following was also an extremely insightful comment:

In Britain UK Uncut is probably the most successful example of a spontaneous horizontal movement, and it completely entered a crisis as soon as it had to define itself against extreme anarcho-violence, and hasn't done anything since.

My emphasis.

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You didn't have to do any hijacking.

IIRC, none of the Uncut groups accomplished a lot. Interestingly, this method did. My larger point is that there's NV going on all over, if we look for it -- this being an example of one I never thought to spot in the wild?

Fascinating that the police want violence, isn't it?

UPDATE I should say that I don't have a prescription for Greece and no knowledge of the ground. I have Greek friends who are sending money to their relatives and friends there, and they don't know either. Argentina looks good to me; achieved in the main non-violently, no mass slaughter, and a happy outcome as soon as the international banksters were given the boot. That might not be possible. I'm mainly concerned, in any case, with this country, and not hypotheticals in other countries.