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Getting worried about Arthur Silber

[UPDATE: 2008-08-21 Arthur Silber has asked that his privacy be respected. -- lambert]

[I'm going to leave this sticky. Silber is one of the great ones. -- lambert]

Last post, July 10. Readers?

Not, I hope, another another Rittenhouse Review, which lives on, at BlogSpot...

UPDATE Can people start passing the word? If you don't know, ask someone who might know, ask them to ask someone...

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I hope someone knows him personally

Submitted by lambert on

All I can do is put the message out there, and hope that somehow the Silber network gets tweaked, and there's a response.

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Avedon had a good idea, which is if someone knows Chris Floyd to check in with him - they do seem rather close, at least in the on-line sense.

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Submitted by vastleft on

On the Glenn Greenwald comments thread I just alluded in passing to not knowing where Arthur was.

Now knowing his wishes, I'll cease such speculation.

I do hope he's well and that we'll see him on the blogs again.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I see he has a new post up on his site. Cool.

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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

Hence the benefits of RSS feeds and newsreaders!

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Submitted by whaleshaman on

Shoot, it's always something.

It's taken me 3 weeks to figure out how my cute little flash drive works. Now something else has been invented while I was off learnin' a new skill?

And I was the first kid on the block to get a transistor radio. I would speed down the street no-hands on my bike,
radio held high like an Olympic torch.

BTW, anybody know what I'm supposed to be all a'twitter about? I don't think I'll make it to PB 2.0....tired, plum wore out.

Merci, FrenchDoc. ;-)

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Submitted by whaleshaman on

Thanks! You're a regular bodhisattva.

Now I'm off to read the tea leaves on lambert's squish.

Oh, it's all to the good that bringiton gives a perfectly coherent and rational explanation as to it's readiness, but sometimes a little magic woo-woo is necessary to bring Paul_Lukasiak around to the sheer non-icky miracle of a homegrown winter squash, with a little butter, salt and pepper, of course.

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And I just subscribed to Corrente through an aggregator.

Thanks for a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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And now that you're all independent, you won't need us anymore! You're ready to go and conquer the world! ;-)

Go Global!

Submitted by hipparchia on

roasted with butter, candied ginger, and walnuts.