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God loves single payer

I've just gotten more detail on the Presbyterian and Unitarian Church endorsements of H.R. 676. It's noteworthy that besides endorsing the bill the Presbyterians also allocated money for 10 regional seminars on single payer health care.

On the Presbyterians, here's the report from Hal Sanders, the Pittsburgh activist who pushed for this along with three other local people:

Hello friends: I am pleased to report that the General Assembly, late last night, voted to approve the overture we developed and got approved through Pittsburgh Presbytery this spring. The Health Committee of General Assembly, to whom our overture was assigned, voted to recommend it by a vote of 58-12. It passed the GA by a good margin.

I consulted with leaders of the Health Education and Welfare Association out in San Jose, and we arrived at a streamlined set of proposals which read as follows:

1. Endorse in principle the provision of single payer universal healthcare reform in which health services are privately provided and publicly financed.

2. Direct the General Assembly Council, through appropriate offices including the National Health Ministries, the Washington office and PHEWA to advocate for, educate about and otherwise pursue the goal of obtaining legislation that enacts single payer, universal healthcare as the program which best responds to the moral imperative of the gospel, monitoring progress toward this goal, and reporting back to the next two General Assemblies in 2010 and 2012.

3. Direct the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly to send a copy of this resolution to the appropriate Committee Chairs of the US Congress, and to the Washington and United Nations offices of the Presbyterian Church USA.

4 Direct that $25,000 from the mission budget of the PCUSA be sent to the PACT Network of PHEWA for the purpose of holding ten regional one-day seminars supporting single payer universal healthcare reform, moneys to be allocated on a first- come, first-served basis.

The Presbyterian Church has for several years endorsed the concept of universal healthcare. This is the first time they have voted to endorse and work for Single Payer specifically. I am delighted.

On the Unitarians, we have the full text of the resolution. (I may have already linked to this in some comment somewhere, but here it is for completeness.)

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This is how religion is supposed to work!