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Good news?

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This is front page on the CPC website:

I can't tell if they're being sneaky here with weasel words or not:

Austerity would plunge the economy back into a recession. Cutting the U.S. Postal Service or local fire departments costs public workers their jobs and reduces private sector demand, causing even more layoffs. In Europe, rapid cuts in government spending have plunged the entire continent back into recession. Great Britain, a poster child for austerity, has seen real G.D.P. since the recession plummet to levels lower than after the Great Depression. Workers in Spain and Greece have had to pick through garbage because of forced government cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Ohio) prediction that we risk becoming Greece could be accurate if we enact his own proposals to cut services Americans need during economic recovery.

First, any deal must protect benefits for the millions of American seniors, children, and disabled Americans who depend on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. One in every four families depends on our social security system, including 36 million retired Americans. Making workers wait until they're older to receive these benefits could cost seniors nearly $5,000 a year. And nearly every American senior depends on Medicare to cover health costs. Turning Medicare into a voucher system, as Republicans have proposed, would not only make seniors pay thousands more for Medicare, but leave many seniors without any coverage at all.

Cynicism is warranted. They didn't mention the back-door ways to cut SS and Medicare. That's where the real fight is, too.


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Try searching it for social security.
But they say:

Index the AMT for inflation

This seems like some weaksauce messaging to me. Or do I need to scale my radar out of the paranoid range and back to cynical?