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Good night blessing

Hecate Demetersdatter, witch extraordinaire, does the best blessings there are. She just throws these out, composed as best I can tell on the spot, when she signs out on Eschaton comments for the night:

Whenever you're thirsty, may that spot at the back of your throat feel ice cold water flooding it and trickling down the front of your throat.

Whenever you're afraid, may you see the true nature of what frightens you and realize that you encompass it

When you're poor, may resources flood your life.

When you're alone, may you enjoy the silent song of the your own thoughts carried on the wind between the clouds and the trees.

When you're ill, may you feel the health-giving source of Gaia's energy lifting you up and sustaining you until you can sustain yourself again.

May you always have bread, may you always have wine, may you always have salt, may you always have fire.

Hecate, Runnymeade Conspirator

We need more blessings these days. I have not her powers but share her wishes for all of you, for all of us. Remember, these are the days of which we will someday write memoirs, and brag to our descendants, when they ask "What did you do in the war, grandma?"

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for your kindness over at Lambert’s Mildew… thread. I’m going to jump in over here because Mildew was getting a little long and the general theme of blessings should be enough to keep me on the sunny side of CD’s oh so necessary thematic restrictions.

Hecate’s words are wonderfully crafted, just the right term for them, from The Craft. Spontaneous blessings, as have been gifted to me from several here, are to my taste the sweeter. Xan, your invitation takes my breath away, never had anything quite like it before. Be careful; if you make it again while sober you may find yourself with a crowd on the couch. The information that Maker’s Mark leads you to want to snuggle is duly noted for possible future reference. When we grow up is when we realize that life just isn’t like we were taught in Sunday School. There are no answers to the big questions, and the most we can hope to do is not make things worse for others while passing on literally a tidbit or two of worthwhile knowledge as our blessing to posterity. On the other hand, our influence for good or ill does persist on down the generations and maybe that can be a topic for another thread; how we influence not just those immediately around us but also those whom we will leave behind, and how that broader consideration might help to focus our choices in the now. Thank you for your kindness.

Ruth, hopefully you were watching the Denison overflow by remote cam, not standing on the bank with the rest of the crowd. Not to be harsh but entertainment options in rural Texas really do appear to be limited until the start of football season. Like Lake Texoma and other human creations, the distinction between a blessing and a curse is indeed difficult to know in advance. Those forests you saw on the eastern slope of the Rockies need to burn, and sooner or later they will. Too many years of fire suppression, done with the best of intentions as a blessing to recreation and wildlife, housing and the timber industry, is what has let the bark beetles get a foothold. Draught and global warming have accelerated the spread, and not just in Colorado. Driving down in southern California recently I passed through stand after stand of dead trees, some as far as the eye could see. There are an estimated 10 million beetle-killed standing dead pine trees in the San Bernardino Mountains alone, more than a billion new standing dead pine and spruce across the West in just the last five years. The Goddess will have her way; hubris only makes her lessons harsher. Thank you too, for your kind words.

Folks, I’ll be one of those readers that drop in from time to time, as circumstances permit. Vagaries of life and all, cannot make any guarantees. If you don’t hear from me, the admiration and well-wishes are still felt. Blessings on you all.

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how about some for stiffening the spines of our elected officials so they'll fight?

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That was me, forgot to fill in all the blanks and skipped Preview, details, details, the Devil's abode.

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and I do too, isn't coincidence nice. Those brown slopes are sad, until you realize that the goddess is telling you something. Denison Dam overtopped at 11 a.m., but btw there are many cuttings that led it off. I didn't do the trip to the dam today, watched it on the KXII cam and no need to worry.


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Been watching the news from your neighborhood with great sorrow. Hope the weather straightens out for y'all soon, and you and yours keep safe and dry.