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The Howler:

What we ourselves saw at the Giant: A few weeks ago, in a Baltimore supermarket, we saw a sight that made us go hmmm.

We saw a young black man, maybe 30 years old. He was wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey.

The name on the back was this: FLACCO.

Just for the record, Joe Flacco must be the whitest guy in the whole NFL. (We don’t mean that as a criticism. And suddenly, he’s a big hero.) There’s nothing charismatic about him—and the Ravens have quite a few charismatic, widely-admired black players.

They're widely admired for obvious reasons. But this guy bought the FLACCO shirt. That’s the shirt he was wearing as he went around town.

We came to Baltimore in the tragic old days, in 1969. Racial lines were hard to cross in those days, for reasons everyone understands.

We thought that young man at the Giant made a terrific sight. We tried to think: Even twenty years ago, would he have been wearing that shirt?