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Good single payer/public option thread at TalkLeft

I'm now leaving for RL, but others can join the comment thread (before it reaches the 200 limit and shuts down....

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She positions Ezra as a progressive. I never read him or TL anymore, have not for a long time. That said, entertaining or inviting that type of errorisim is like inviting a tornado just to air out the house.

Single payer or tri-care is the only thing in this country/debate right now which implies health care would be a human right which also wouldn't bankrupt you for falling ill. That is definitive progressive value/stance in my opinion. Initially one need look no further to see if someone is truly progressive on the issue of health alone. Clearly Ezra is not progressive.

Am I missing something? Is TL helping Ezra subvert progressivism and health care for all as a whole more than anything else with her post.

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I've been reading Armando since he was active on Big Orange and was supporting Wes Clark for president even before, I imagine, General Clark was. He really is very sharp (I would not want to go up against that fellow in court). I added this comment at the end of the thread.

Republican supporters of single payer
Ironically, Ted Kennedy's two co-sponsors when he first proposed a National Health Insurance bill in 1970 were Republicans. KY Senator John Sherman Cooper (Mitch McConnell's first boss in DC) and Ohio Senator William Saxbe (Nixon's last Attorney General).

I think the last Republican supporter in Congress, and of course he later an independent, was Jim Jeffords (his "Medicore" bill was more progressive than Clinton's plan). But in the 70s, you had Javits, Brooke and other moderate Republicans signing on for a single payer or Medicare-based system.

Frankly the Democrats have chased the Republicans so far right, they've reached the end of the board. I wouldn't be surprised if a future GOP president decided to eat the Democrats' lunch on this and outflank from the left. A Republican county commissioner here in Georgia has made the point it gives the GOP a "Nixon goes to China" opportunity.